14 Weekend Ponderings . . .

Feb 16, 2020

Determined to start the week well and taking advantage of a stunning Bend Blue Bird day on Monday, I vowed to scoot home after work as quickly as possible and bust up to the mountain for a quick tour of our two mile loop. As the days become gradually longer, the scooting paid off as you can see in the above and final photo of this post. The sunset was brilliant (interestingly enough, we are looking east, not west, as this is the glow due to the sky and chill of the day). Needless to say, the week indeed did start well, and now we are into the weekend, a long weekend at that, which I am savoring immensely.

Long weekends are grand as you can slip away for a day and upon returning still have two days to just be. That is precisely what the boys and I did this weekend which is why this is a Weekend Ponderings . . . post rather than a Saturday Ponderings . . . post.

I am a day-tripper type of person in that I enjoy a getaway every now and then, but if I know I will have a full week of work just two days away, I prefer to leave and return on the same day to give myself time in my house to just be and rejuvenate. Understandably, this is not to everyone’s taste which is why when we figure out what works best for us, whatever we prefer becomes all the more enjoyable.

Adhering to this preference also gives me time to write posts like this one! 🙂 I hope you enjoy this month’s Weekend Ponderings . . . .

1.Just being home is such a sweet sight, feeling and way to spend time. Perhaps that is why curating our home is so much fun but also provides infinite fuel until we have it “just right”. The daily comfort of its hug, its welcome and its restorative gifts are priceless.

Norman waiting patiently by the door as he would like to go explore the yard.

2. My latest classical music find! Albinoni’s violin concerto Op 10 no. 3. Listen while you read today’s post if you’d like.

3. The podcast I have recently begun listening to, but one that has been around since 2009! If you love food and history, this is the podcast for you – A Taste of the Past.

This episode – Dining at Downton Abbey, #335 – is a great one to cut your teeth on.

4. A quote which caught my ear recently, ” Once you know where you want to be, everything else is problem solving.” Shared by author of the new book The Comparison Cure, Lucy Sheridan

5. Lesson learned and tested and passed! Don’t purchase anything on the spot with the salesperson (especially big ticket items). Go home (or around the block or out to lunch for smaller purchases), think about it, let all of your wonderings be worked out. Then, even if you end up making the same decision you had considered making on the spot, you will return with a calm considered decision that sits well and gives the gift of a priceless peace of mind.

6. Lulu & Georgia is having a long-weekend sale, and this lemon illustrated wallpaper caught my eye. How lovely would this be in a pantry, kitchen or small space into which you wanted to bring a touch of sunshine and charm?

7. I started watching Edie Falco in CBS’s new drama Tommy (Falco stars as the Los Angeles chief of police), and so far I have enjoyed the first two episodes.

8. Yesterday, My French Country Home magazine arrived! The March/April issue and it is all that I can do to not start flipping through it (saving it for a quiet moment this afternoon to sit, savor and enjoy).

9. A bit more romance on this Valentine’s weekend. Not syrupy, just sweet. 🙂

10. A new account I am following on IG for cozy old-world interior inspiration, but based in California. Cat-lovers, you will enjoy @stampsandstamps especially. 🙂

11. One more account that provides an immense amount of positivity, considered content and inspiring words to ponder@thegoodquotes (many of you are probably already following based on their readership numbers :))

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#thegoodquote ?

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12. Sales abound this long President’s Day weekend.

Banana Republic’s “trucker” denim jacket – classic and my go-to favorite layering piece in summer (more shades available)

13. If you have not watched The Two Popes, you will enjoy its contemplative conversations. I sat down and viewed it last weekend with great pleasure. Regardless or absent of your religious affiliation, it is well done and I am confident you will appreciate the writing. (and be sure to watch through the credits – there are some wonderful segments to be enjoyed especially if you enjoy football – i.e. soccer)

14. One last piece of classic music that captured my attention, and I play on a loop endlessly. Yep, from my go-to Bach :). Cello Suite No. 6 in D Major (recomposed), Gigue – buy this song here or add it to your Amazon streaming service.

Wishing you a lovely long weekend if you have the luxury of the extra day off, and regardless of when you weekend begins or ends, may it be joy-filled. Thank you for choosing to stop by TSLL.

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9 thoughts on “14 Weekend Ponderings . . .

  1. Gorgeous snowy photos Shannon, so glad you managed to get to ski your ‘loop ‘
    Happy to get an extra post from you this weekend .
    Love the lemons wallpaper , and , ( synchronicity at work here ?) have just this weekend replaced my old , well worn oven glove with a new one , with lemons on it on one side , and pale grey stripes on the other !
    …..and I also have a lovely few days away booked at one of my favourite places in just over a weeks time .
    Enjoy your extra long weekend ?

    1. Thank you for the post about the Banana Republic denim jacket! I have my leather jacket for winter and then I was hoping to find the perfect denim for the warmer month, and have admired yours in some of your posts where we can see your outfits – layered over dresses particularly. I’m in the UK so looked online here and they have it!

      1. Sarah, So good to hear! I love my denim jacket for layering as it is my go-to for just as you said, over summer dresses when the temps are just not quite warm enough. Thanks for visiting the blog Sarah. Have a great weekend. ??

  2. Lovely weekend ponderings . Battened down the hatches here in France owing to the storms. On your recomendation I watched the two Popes and really enjoyed it so was surprised it did not get a look in at the Oscars. But pleased with the winners. Great tip to reflect before buying a big purchase. I always do but my husband is the opposite. A compromise is always worked out though . Bonne semaine?

  3. Shannon, I love the idea of day trips but have yet to find a solution to leaving my dog alone for that many hours. I have no family in the area, either. What do you do with Oscar and Norman? Do you have a set number of hours you know that you can safely be gone?

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