Petit Plaisir: No. 22 – Sweet, Sweet Peonies

May 31, 2014


Late spring brings with it one of my favorite blossoms – the peony.  Symbolizing honor and riches, the peony embodies prosperity and romance, and who doesn’t want a be open to a bit more love and a few more pennies?

With a couple of legends surrounding its namesake, the peony is said to be named after Paeon, a physician to the gods who received the beloved flower on Mount Olympus from Apollo’s mother. Yet another legend goes one step further, telling of the same physician, a student of Asclepius who became jealous of his pupil, thus prompting Zeus to save Paeon by turning him into the flower.

Regardless of the history, knowing that the bloom is only available to be enjoyed for such a short period of time is all the more reason to fill the home with them. Having a couple of peony plants in my back yard, I was extremely excited with the abundance of buds this season, and so have captured a few shots to share. My favorite is the one’s spotlighted throughout the post – Pillow Talk – for its seemingly endless pedals and soft blush hue – feminine, yet fresh and classic.

Be sure to look for them at the farmers’ markets as you can usually pick up 3-5 stems for $5-10.


~Ideal breakfast nook table top decor~


~No. 21 – Classic Jack Lemmon

~No. 18 – Cheese Please

~No. 17 – Almost French

~All pics by TSLL~

5 thoughts on “Petit Plaisir: No. 22 – Sweet, Sweet Peonies

  1. My grandmother, who lived in the Midwest, had a back yard full of all colors of peonies. I love them. Here in California, they are a bit more pricey. I still look forward to seeing them in the market in Spring time and bringing them home.

  2. Lovely pic! We planted a peony just outside our front window and in three yrs has doubled in size! It just bloomed this week and it’s gorgeous. I planted it for my MIL who is now sadly in a home with dementia but before she lost her memory (of loved ones) she saw pictures of the peony planted in her honor and named after her. She will still enjoy the pictures this year just not maybe recognize who is showing them. BUT she is still with us physically and able to laugh and enjoy her chocolate treats.

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