Decor Idea: Fill Your Home with Natural Light
Thursday February 22, 2018

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The power of natural light is priceless. Well, priceless in the sense that you don’t pay for the light, but you will most likely pay for it when you design a home to welcome in as much daylight as possible. However, it would be a savvy design choice that could, I would argue, be a lifelong investment in your health.

In 2010 Elle Decor featured the Wilton House, and while I encourage you to tour the entire home here, it is the light-filled rooms of the kitchen and the library that would keep me enthralled for hours. Designed by the interior design firm of Carrier and Company who has worked on projects for Anna Wintour, Jason Wu and Jessica Chastain, their designs are thoughtful, welcoming and offer a humble, yet confident sophistication.

With the floor to ceiling windows in the library, I would be easily found gawking while sitting at my desk, but at the same time, welcoming an immense amount of inspiration all at the same time. Likewise,  the kitchen which opens up into the dining room, would be a grand place to host a dinner party especially with the rain pouring down in the spring or fall. Can you imagine the beauty? What a show Mother Nature would be putting on to entertain your guests without ever having to pay an admission fee.


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3 thoughts on “Decor Idea: Fill Your Home with Natural Light

  1. Yes, I have loved the idea of natural light for a very long time. The position of the home to the sun is important with design and also when purchasing or building a new home or addition. East, west and south exposure offer the most light with the north being great for bedrooms. Windows that have no accouterments also allow in light however sacrifice some privacy and perhaps not the best outside view depending where you are. I definitely like light and there are elements that can make that happen in spite of challenges. My son in law was recently in Amsterdam and noticed many homes without blinds or drapes and asked regarding this and privacy and the response was ” we have nothing to hide”. Voila, c’est la vie!

  2. I too love a light-filled space. The room pictured is lovely, but where I live (below L.A.), it would be utterly impractical. In the summer time the light would be streaming in and you would be living in a broiler (note that there are no drapes!); and in the winter your heating bills would be enormous. That’s why I personally like drapes with shears behind, or shutters with movable louvers. Then you get a maximum of choice on your light/privacy issues. I’m also a fan of large overhanging roofs… I agree with the previous poster that designing your home to suit your location and lifestyle is the best way to go.

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