Le Week-end Petit Plaisir: No. 15

Apr 12, 2014

petitplaisirb ~illustration by Inslee for TSLL~  

Spring is hands down my favorite season which is tough to do since fall ranks pretty high on my list, but I think it has something to do with the season that precedes it. Don’t get me wrong, winter is wonderful for cozying inside, and so much more time to read by the fire, but as someone who grew up with the outdoors at my doorstep, being able to go outside without bundling up is pure bliss.

So as I mentioned on Friday, lilacs are a bloom that I eagerly look forward to when spring arrives. And since they only last for a few short weeks, when I see them in stores, I pounce. Well, on trip to Portland this weekend while picking up a few groceries at Trader Joe’s, lilacs were available, and I followed my own advice. 

With their subtle and delicate scent, I thought they would be perfect for the boudoir, and so arranged them on my dresser.

The good news for today’s Petit Plaisir, it that it serves as sort of a two for one. Why? Well, one of the destinations I visited was a consignment, vintage and resale decor shop on NE Freemont St. that I wanted to spotlight for the blog – Found on Freemont, and while I wasn’t necessarily looking, I couldn’t help but stop in my tracks when I came across the table lamp shown above. For less than $40, this metal lamp with white linen-esque shade was the perfect accessory to place in my bedroom and offer its warm glow. The other finds on the dresser, while picked up on previous excursions, were also consignment or yard sale finds as well as a family hand-me-downs. Group in threes, keep the hue monochromatic, and the blooms you choose will pop.

Introduced by Tracy Hooper, the owner of Gearhart Ocean Inn, to the boutique, Found on Freemont offers kitchen, dishware, furniture, clothing and other home decor accessories, I encourage you to stop in if you’re ever in the Hollywood District area in NE Portland. The entire neighborhood is a delight with the bungalow, tidy homes, a street full of shops and boutiques and cafes, and home to the beloved local Beaumont Market which is open 364 days a year.

petitplaisira ~The more wisdom the better, can’t have too many owls in the house.~


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2 thoughts on “Le Week-end Petit Plaisir: No. 15

  1. thank you for the delicious reminder that one of my favorite blooms is about to open. I’m flying home from the east as I write. I have a couple of mature trees and am planning on planting a third in an open spot. It is just the best fragrance from a PNW garden. Enjoy Shannon!

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