Le Week-end Petit Plaisir: No. 11

Mar 15, 2014


“Every reader, as she reads, is actually the reader of herself. The writer’s work is only a kind of optical instrument provide[d] the reader so she can discern what she might never have seen in herself without the book. The reader’s recognition in herself of what the book says is the proof of the book’s proof.” –  -Marcel Proust

One of the best parts of my day (aside from coming home to my dogs) is the moment during my evenings when everything has been completed, I have poured myself a hot cup of black lavender tea, given my eyes a rest by donning my glasses and chosen one dark chocolate truffle to savor.

On this particular day earlier in the week, I was patiently waiting to find time to read last Sunday’s New York Times T Magazine profile on Benedict Cumberbatch. As I’ve mentioned previously on the blog, my treat of a truffle in the evenings occurs whenever I haven’t indulged in dessert after dinner, and I’ve found this to be more than enough of a motivator to refrain from overeating in the sweet department. After all, one piece of decadent dark chocolate surrounding either honey lavender or peanut butter filling from my favorite chocolatier satiates my sweet tooth most wonderfully.

Some of the simplest of luxuries are when we are willing to take time for ourselves, even if for only twenty minutes. Enjoy creating your own simple luxurious evening ritual.


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One thought on “Le Week-end Petit Plaisir: No. 11

  1. My petit plaisir is a square or two of dark (70 or 85%) chocolate. I love the feeling of satiation I get when enjoying it with a cup of tea after dinner is eaten and cleaned up. Something to anticipate. Utterly satisfying.

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