Joyeux Anniversaire La Tour Eiffel
Monday March 31, 2014

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The architect Gustave Eiffel revealed his now world renowned  tower for the World’s Fair 125 years ago today – March 31, 1889 – an anniversary remembrance of sorts as to commemorate the 100th year since the French Revolution. Standing 1,062 feet tall, the Iron Lady, as she is nicknamed, was only supposed to stand for twenty years, alas, history had other plans.

Standing as the tallest man-made structure in Paris, to see the tower with your own eyes for the first time as a traveler is to pinch yourself. And while it attracts a flurry of tourist interest, there is something still quite magical about its presence.

So in homage to the City of Light and its iconic symbol, let’s raise of glass of wine or more particular Champagne to La Tour Eiffel – Santé!

One thought on “Joyeux Anniversaire La Tour Eiffel

  1. One of the reasons that I love Paris. Went all the way up and just stood with my girlfriends and took in the moment. Unforgettable .

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