Hurricane Harvey: How You Can Help a Fellow TSLL Reader and Their SE Texas Community
Thursday August 31, 2017

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One TSLL reader’s daughter has lost her home, but she, her son and her dogs are safe. One TSLL reader’s parents had to be evacuated from their home. One reader lives in the Houston community in which sergeant Steve Perez gave his life as he headed to work Monday morning to  help his fellow citizens in a time of crisis. Within our small community here on TSLL, we are connected to those affected by the wrath of Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey’s devastation has not only hit Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States, but many communities in SE Texas area and along the Gulf Coast headed to Louisiana (see a crisis map here from NOAA). With rain expected to continue to fall through Friday and some places being deluged with more than 50 inches of rain, the Houston area is experiencing the worst flooding in history.

No doubt, you too, no matter where you call home, are aware of the horrendous situation residents are experiencing, the lives that have been impacted and the uncertainty that is being felt as the news is regularly updating us all. But these are people who were about to begin September after a warm and wonderful summer with a spring in their step and hope to strive ever closer to their dreams, and if you, like me, are fortunate to be able to help, I wanted to share with you a few credible and vetted ways to do so.

It is one thing to watch the news and again and again be reminded of the destruction and the anguish that is being felt. Upon hearing these stories of loss, my heart broke. But to just absorb such information without taking action when we may be able to help can be paralyzing and harmful to the onlooker. Instead, if you are able, find a way to help in any small way possible. No matter how seemingly nominal, every bit of assistance helps if it is what is needed.

What is needed and how you can help:

  • Author Brené Brown in her Instagram feed yesterday shared specific information about the need for clean (and still in its package) underwear. Below are three different ways to donate these items:
    • Buy from this link on Amazon she provided –
    • Her instructions: Collect new, packaged underwear and mail it to the address below. It’s our local Hillel and they are collecting for us. This is a really great neighborhood or school project. If you’re purchasing, we recommend Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. UFE doesn’t process or give out anything but underwear!
      • Undies for Everyone
        1700 Bissonnet St.
        Houston, TX 77005
    • Her instructions: Give cash and Undies for Everyone will purchase wholesale. Click the “Donate” button on their website:
  • NPR has shared a list of charities to donate to with information about each. In order to vet the charities, NPR recommended Charity Navitagor to further ensure your money and donations are indeed helping those in need.
  • Animals as well need help and assistance. Donate to The Humane Society here.
  • The New York Times shared the following, the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund was established by Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston and is administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation.
  • A TSLL reader affected by the devastation shared You Caring as a site to donate as well.

~To avoid scams and stories of the tragedy that are not true, read this story written by The New York Times.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Part of bringing relief is knowing how to help, and sometimes that can be hard to determine. I hope in some small way this post has answered this question, and if you have information that can be helpful, please let me know or comment below with questions as I will do my best to answer.

 visit their website here where part of their proceeds are given to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

13 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey: How You Can Help a Fellow TSLL Reader and Their SE Texas Community

  1. Shannon, thanks so much for providing ideas for helping and promoting awareness for the situation here in Texas. So many people and families have been touched by this in a devastating way. We, here in Texas, appreciate the concern and action in the form of assistance!

  2. Shannon, I am a long time reader from Houston. While my family is safe, so many are not. Thank you for sharing this information with your readers on how to help! It means a lot.

  3. THANK YOU for the informative, educational information. I just hate that so many people are not aware of how unreliable social media can be. Even the network news stations rely on it too much.
    Praying for Houston!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this Shannon. I’m in Austin, but have many friends in Houston and along the gulf coast who were affected by Harvey (thankfully the house we have there made it through unscathed). There is so much need right now, and sharing these links with the TSLL community means so much. The kindness and support people have shown to each other during this tragedy has been so heartwarming, especially in a time when it had become easy to think that we were more divided than united.

  5. The Houston Food Bank and the Mayor’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund at the Greater Houston Community Foundation are also great local places to send donations.

  6. Thank you Shannon, for using your voice and reach. My sister’s family are all OK, some damaged property, but no lives lost. She lives just north of Houston, and Houston suffered much, but the devastated area is massive. The need is dire. But the support and bravery and sheer kindness of fellow Americans helping each other is awesome and humbling.
    Everyone, please, whatever you can give, it is enough and appreciated. And that includes healing thoughts and prayers. Namaste y’all. XOXO

  7. This Texan adds her appreciation for and to you, Shannon, and the TSLL community. My immediate family and I live in North Texas but we have numerous family, friends and business colleagues who live throughout the impacted areas. Some have comparatively minor damage, others have lost nearly everything. We are grateful that all lives — including pets, horses, cattle and even chickens — are accounted for and safe; so very many have lost so very much more.

    Again, thank you for y’all’s generosity and compassion.

  8. Thank you for your uplifting message! I read it to my husband as we’ve took a break from beginning our clean up of our devastated house! My 75 year old husband and I at 60 were rescued by boat from our front door and taken to a shelter! Upon our return home we discovered our home completely distorted. We had a foot of water inside and waded in waist high water to the boat! My neighbor asked me the night of the rescue if I had moved all my valuable possessions upstairs I responded ” “I am walking out of this house with my valuable possession by my side, my husband of 41 years! That’s all I need!

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