What to Pack? How Much is Too Much?
Tuesday June 19, 2018

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When it comes to packing for holiday and getaway travel, the question is always swirling about in my mind, how much is just enough and will leave me pleasantly happy with the choices I have to wear? Each time I inch closer and closer to pinpointing this answer. But as we know many of the trips we have the opportunity are unique regarding their destination, the length, the time of year, the events we will need to be prepared to dress for. As well it seems each time I sit down to plan what to pack I too am a slightly different person than say for example the last time I stepped onto a plane headed for France.

With the question in my mind of exactly what to pack and how much for my summer getaway to France, I began planning a few months ago. As I shared in May, my shoe capsule wardrobe for summer travels is set. Now to the clothing.

Here is the one and only approach I am adhering to this time around:

1. Enough clothing for a week regardless of how long one is traveling

Assuming you will have access to laundry facilities, making sure enough delicates are packed, assess what you will bring that is versatile thus reducing how much you will need to include. The capsule wardrobe for any season is of great assistance as it includes items that are classic in hue which complement your unique beauty and can be paired with at least two items in your wardrobe.

  • 2-3 bottoms (includes dresses)
  • 4-5 tops (includes dresses)

Now I am not someone who wears skirts often (except to work), and so I pack far more dresses. In the case of items listed above, I will be packing one pair of pants and two dresses to adhere to the 2-3 bottoms. I will then be including four tops and one dress to adhere to the 4-5 tops. As well, I ascertained whether or not each dress, top and bottom could be worn at least two different ways (dresses with two different jackets, scarves, etc.; tops as layers over dresses or with a bottom).

A few other details need to be included as well to complete the wardrobe options:

  • 1 casual jacket/coat
  • 1 chic or evening jacket/coat
  • extra coat/jacket of your choice
  • a few scarves (some may be used as a wrap for warmth, others for accessorizing)

The above is the clothing that will be packed to be worn out and about. Of course sleepwear, toiletries, handbags (one clutch, one crossbody and one tote for carry-on), jewelry is included (although I keep it simple with jewelry as well – one versatile pair of earrings, a watch and necessary outfit belts) and the technology needed for work (computer, tablet, phone, chargers, adapters, etc.) and relaxing (reading material, journal, favorite tea sachets, etc. ). (see my list of items for a carry-on here).

Throughout my travels over the next few weeks I will do my best to share with you casually what I am wearing (follow along on IG – @thesimplyluxuriouslife, #tsllfrance2018), but one detail I am relieved to not be focusing on as much, thus freeing myself to enjoy the experiences that await, is stressing over my wardrobe. I am keeping it far simpler; I am trusting that my choices are tailored to how I enjoy my days, and that even if my outfit doesn’t look just right to the onlooker, so long as I feel comfortable and am savoring the moment, the outfit is perfect for me.

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9 thoughts on “What to Pack? How Much is Too Much?

  1. Since you are going to Provence, leave all coats at home! A thin-weigh little shrug will work for any air conditioning. The wrap for the plane will be more than enough in evening. Umbrella is enough in case of rain. My last trip to Provence was in July. I can tell you that it will be Very Hot. You might want to replace coats with extra underwear and a couple of light tees as you may want to change sweaty clothes to go out for dinner. A pair of linen capris would be good, too. Hope these suggestions help.

    1. Memee, this is very helpful. Thank you! I will be in the north for a time too, but knowing how warm it will get in Provence confirms my suspicions. 🙂 Thank you very much.

  2. Exciting!! Looks like you have the right mix to see you through if you have access to laundry facilities. I only take cabin luggage now on my travels and actually managed for three weeks last year in Abu Dhabi with limited laundry facilities. You’ll be too excited to worry over what you’re wearing or not! Have fun.?

  3. A light weight rainjacket is probably the only Jacket you will need. And dont forget swimwear, sunglasses, and good walking shoes. I also always pack a light cardigan in case it gets to cold in museums, churches, etc…

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