A Fresh New Look

Oct 17, 2016


I have heard it said that a good rain shower is equivalent to offering a fresh start. As if the showers are washing away what was and offering an opportunity to become anew. Now, it may just be the pluviophile in me, but I took this interpretation to heart especially with the timing of our all-weekend long rainy extravaganza in Bend and the ending of my old blog design of three years, kicking off the revealing of the new home for all things simply luxurious.

It just so happened that I found myself downtown early Saturday morning with my two dogs Norman and Oscar that we spontaneously jumped out of the car and took a walk amongst the vibrant leaves. The above image of Norman took my breath away as not a filter was used and the eclectic mix of leaves that had congregated in one spot was truly surreal and spectacular.

Now I am getting a little off track, but actually not really.

Naguib Mantouz once shared about the finding of one’s authentic home to be the place “not where you are born, but where all your attempts to escape cease.” Such was the case when I arrived in Bend 15 months ago, and so is the case with TSLL’s new home online that you see today.

With the addition of the podcast, the release of the book and the growing interest to share my ardent affection for the French culture, TSLL’s audience has grown. And in doing has required of me to ask, “Am I offering my readers the best experience?”.

The result of how I answered that question and subequently chose to offer every TSLL reader the best experience I could imagine is now in front of you today.

The new TSLL is a place where you can come for regular, frequent or intermittent, inspiration, ideas and information. A destination where what you seek is easy to find, share and become involved with. A destination that is easy on the eyes and consistent in its offerings. For example, there will always be the most recent French-Inspired post just below the “Weekly Finds” scroll, just as you will always be able to see what was in the most recently weekly Style Inspiration and This & That post without having to scroll or click endlessly (the fourth and fifth post from the top – always).

There are so many new, user-friendly aspects that I cannot wait to share with you which is why for this entire Grand Reveal week, two posts will go live each day.  And each day beginning on Tuesday at 1pm (pacific time), the second post of the day, a Petite Post will share more specific information about where you can find what on the new blog design.

Who is behind this new design you may be wondering? It is made entirely possible with the talent and creativity of the Dash Creative team. For more than five months they have listened to what I hoped TSLL could become and have surpassed my expectations. I was inspired to reach out to them after appreciating what they designed for a decor and lifestyle blogger whose blog I have been regularly visiting and been inspired by for years. Needless to say, the life lesson of surrounding yourself with people who are smart and dedicated has never been more true, and I am deeply grateful.

Inslee Fariss was as well involved with the new look of TSLL. Her illustration in the header fully embodies the many different, yet each vitally important, parts of living simply luxuriously: a quiet confidence to forge a path that is in alignment with our passions, values and purpose, simple, chic, yet thoughtful style, enjoying everyday pleasures and routines, letting go of perfect, always being curious and surrounding ourselves with love. A few have asked why only one of my pups is in the illustration, and to be honest, while this blog is my passion, much like my black English cocker spaniel Oscar, not everything about my life is revealed on TSLL blog. Yes, you do see glimpses of him from time to time on IG (and here on the blog, as seen below), but as Oscar is more of a behind-the-scenes kind of gentleman, he is just fine letting his brother have the limelight. 😉

Take some time and explore the new site.  Stop by as often as you can this week as there will be more posts to come on what the new blog has for you to enjoy and inspire you to live your very own unique simply luxurious life as well as a few surprises. AND at the end of the week, you might just see me in front of the camera. Not something I typically do, but this opportunity was hard to pass up. Stay tuned.

~If you’re looking for this week’s show notes for the most recent episode of the podcast, look just below the most recent post which is at the top of the page. You’ll see “The Simple Sophisticate Podcast: Every Monday“. Click on the link next to “Current Episode” to be taken to the Show Notes.





~Drake Park in Bend, Oregon, on a rainy October morning~

43 thoughts on “A Fresh New Look

  1. Congratulations on the new design! It is beautiful, inviting, clean and organized.
    The purple color in those leaves is breathtaking. So unusual. I’m glad you said you didn’t use a filter, or I would have assumed you did!
    I also love Naguib Mahfouz–The Cairo Trilogy is such an intricately drawn picture of life in Cairo at that moment.

  2. Beautiful the TSLL’s new look. I’m from Italy and from here I read you every day. I love your style. You are so inspiring!
    Thanks & all my congratulations.

  3. I love the new look! It’s fresh, clean, and inspiring! I visit your blog everyday and just love to read the new posts and re-read the old ones. This is definitely one of my favorite blogs! Keep up the wonderful work!

  4. Gorgeous, colorful, even more inspiring. If that is possible. The top of my blog- reading list. In fact, one of the few I follow.
    You are a true gem, professionally, and in real life I am sure.
    Can’t wait to see what follows.

  5. I am loving your new look! I’ve listened to all your podcasts and enjoy your website and newsletters. They are very insightful and inspiring to me. Beautiful Autumn pictures!! It’s my favorite season.

  6. Hi Shannon….I, too, love the new look. I was glad you answered the question about only one dog. Thank you for that. You blog is a true inspiration for me, and I thoroughly enjoy reading it. I’ve ordered books you’ve recommended and never been disappointed. That that quote from Naguib Mantouz is now one of my all-time favorites. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to new posts. Beautiful pics of Bend, by the way. Reminds me of my home in lovely Vermont.

  7. Shannon, I love what you’ve done! I recently changed my “look” entirely over at my blog, it felt like it was time to move on and ahead. I’m happy! Love all the large pics, especially those of the dogs.

  8. Hi Shannon! Congratulations on your brilliant new site and a successful transition! I’ve become a fan of Inslee’s work through TSLL; such lovely work and so on-point. My compliments to both Mother Nature and Norman for the gorgeous photograph; and to Oscar for all of his backoffice contributions.

    I eagerly anticipate finding TSLL in my inbox. Thank you for all of the work you do, both in front and behind the scenes, to brighten our day.

  9. Shannon,
    I have been an avid fan for over a year. I truly look forward to reading your blog daily. I love the new design, congratualations!! Also, I love learning new words….and pluviophile does not disappoint!!

    1. Yeah!! I am thinking about bringing “Word of the Week” back periodically as I cannot help but come across a word and look it up when I am reading various articles. Thank you so much Valerie for stopping by and for your comment. I am tickled you like the new look. Dash Creative is a talented crew and I feel fortunate to have them on TSLL team

  10. Looking good, Shannon! You continue to be an inspiration! October is one of my favorite months. I walked almost 2 hours on Saturday, enjoying the weather and looking at the fall decorations on the houses. I walked and prayed because the week had been so hectic. Your blog has been a go to for me for 5 years now. Continuous thanks!

  11. Absolutely beautiful new design, Shannon, applause and bouquets to you and your team! And the photo of the the leaves is sheer joy, so stunning. Thank you, lovely person, for helping us revel in The Simply Luxurious Life. Big hugs and kisses!

  12. Hello Sharon

    I don’t often comment although I am a regular and avid fan of the TSLL – just had to comment on the new Look – It’s fabulous and I had to smile at your comment about Oscar………… love the leaves and the colours of Bend – just spectacular, no wonder you love it so much. Best of luck with the new TSLL – not that you need it mind.

    1. Marie, Thank you for taking the time to comment today on this day of change. 🙂 I completely understand about not commenting all of the time; just knowing you are enjoying what you find here is wonderful feedback, and I will do my best to keep offering the inspiration and ideas you enjoy. Thank you again for your kind words. Have a wonderful week.

  13. I do love the look- want to make sure that you know that people using feedly (the way I follow all of my blogs) cannot see the pictures unless they click directly to the site. It’s not too much of a hassle, but it’s definitely a change.
    Love your work, as always

  14. I love the great fall photos! I moved to Australia many, many years ago and so miss the colourful fall leaves in the States! Thank you for sharing!

  15. i have followed you for years and appreciate the refinement you exude. I always like to see where you are going next.
    [p.s. i am Inslee’s mom!]

  16. i have followed you for several years and appreciate your refined approach to everything. Your blog is wonderful.
    [I am Inslee’s mom!]

    1. Nancy, Thank you very much for stopping the blog. Your daughter’s talent is truly amazing and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity work with her. Thank you for your kind comment and for following the blog. 🙂

  17. Thank you, Shannon, for your lovely blog. I enjoy your earlier posts– life as an introvert in an extroverted world –and will continue to look forward to getting my Friday (special!) post.

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