Freedom: Create Your Own Legacy
Monday July 4, 2011

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“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.” –Thucydides

First of all, for my fellow Americans, happy Independence Day, and due to this fact, I couldn’t help but focus in some way on the amazing gift that freedom, in the general sense of the word, provides each and every one of us no matter where you might live.

With the more history I read about the many different countries around the globe, I am continually reminded of how blessed anyone is who has freedom.  In the larger sense of the word, I think we can all agree we appreciate freedom tremendously, but when we begin to look at the many small freedoms we are given each day that we take for granted or forget to take full advantage of since they really are completely in our power, I think we all might agree we have opportunities to create an amazing life far beyond what we often times realize.

In every day, there are hundreds of decisions we are able to make because of the freedom of choice we have.  Each decision will reveal different outcomes – some wonderful, some not so much. As stated in the quote above, creating a life of contentment, a life of happiness, takes courage because it involves action on our part.  We are responsible for the decisions that will either propel us forward toward success, or off track toward something that may be easier, but is much less fulfilling.

Today I have gathered together a list of just a few of the things each one of us has control over on any given day regardless of our income, age, locale, sex or education. How you describe each of these scenarios explains why you are in the present situation you are in and where you are potentially headed. While your answers might reveal hints of your past, your past doesn’t have to dictate how you choose to move forward if you wish to change it or enhance it if it was something of great value.  Have a look and be sure to add anything else to the list.

*Your self-talk
*How much you spend
*How you treat others
*What boundaries you establish

*Whether to chase your dreams
*What you eat

*How much you eat
*What you say
*Your tone of voice
*Whether or not to stand up for yourself
*Your work ethic
*Your attitude
*Your perception of the world
*What you give your attention to
*What you discuss
*How much you share about yourself

*How you spend your time
*With whom you spend your time
*Whether you take care of your health
*Whether you believe in yourself

As you can see, our lives really are in our control. We dictate our success, our happiness and ultimately, our legacy.  What will your legacy be?


5 thoughts on “Freedom: Create Your Own Legacy

  1. This is all so true, we certainly are in control of our own lives and in yours and my country we are so lucky we are able to be. x

    ps I love your blog

  2. This is an amazing post. I’ve always thought of freedom in the political sense, but never really thought about how it applies to all of us in daily life. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Sensational post. I love your Monday posts, and I’m so glad you stayed on schedule with it. 🙂 Truly uplifting and inspiring. Happy Independence Day!

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