A Parisian Podcast to Listen to Tout de Suite: The Earful Tower
Sunday September 17, 2017

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Last month during TSLL’s annual French Week, I came across (and I can’t for the life of me remember how) The Earful Tower podcast, (but I am most glad that I did). It is as perfectly Parisian and as delightfully playful as it sounds.

Oliver Gee, an Australian freelance writer who has now called Paris home for just over two years hosts this newly minted podcast (produced by World Radio Paris) and each week brings interviews with guests such as pastry chef, writer and blogger David Leibovitz, author of The Only Street in Paris Elaine Sciolino, blogger of Lost in Cheeseland Lindsey Tramuta and that is just a sampling.

The gem of the podcast is Oliver. While yes, his voice was indeed made for radio, it becomes quickly apparent that he is invested in Paris, he is willing to try just about anything (view a few of his videos on Facebook), and ask guests just about anything as well.

The Earful Tower has been my podcast of choice these past few weeks as I transition back into two jobs with teaching starting back up, blogging continuing to move along full steam and editing TSLL’s second book and escaping to learn more about the ambiance and nuisances of Paris is an exquisite treat for the senses. Yes, more than just one sense (sound) as I Oliver does his best to bring the food and flavors to an audio podcast. For example, in episode #3 Tom Clark of the coffee house Coutumé Cafe after talking about the shift in the coffee culture in Paris, Oliver has Clark blind taste test a handful of different coffee options. As well, David Leibovitz also was run through a blind taste test of varying food varieties.

The conversation with each guest is playful and unique, yet informative and quite precisely what I have longed for when looking for Parisian escape podcasts – an opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the Parisian culture, lengthen my list of places to see and things to do as well as get to know those with expertise about the City of Light.

Running about 30 minutes each, the production quality is superb and while entirely in English, you may just learn a few French words here and there as the producer on set, James, is as they continue to remind listeners, half French. I couldn’t think of better guests for next summer’s 3rd annual TSLL French Week (*fingers crossed*).

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7 thoughts on “A Parisian Podcast to Listen to Tout de Suite: The Earful Tower

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! I found your podcast quite by accident a couple of weeks ago, have been going through from the beginning, and sharing with all my like minded friends!

  2. Oliver is absolutely adorable. I found this podcast earlier this summer and had the best time going through the first season. Season two has just started.
    And yes, I also enjoy yours!!!

  3. Thank you, Shannon, for another great find for us. I enjoy listening to podcasts. I agree, Oliver’s podcast is well produced. He is a joy, delightful, and engaging. Merci !

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