Limited Time Sale on Croissants Notepads
Thursday August 18, 2022

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France and Croissants. ???

Yep, I do believe they just go together (whether or not the croissant was actually created in France will be likely forever up for debate, but inarguably, it has become synonymous with the Gallic country). Which is why, one of the new illustrations created for TSLL’s 3rd book (chapter 4) and the new blog design created by Sarah Lœcker had to be a plate of croissants. Bien sûr! ☺️

In early 2022, I reached out to you, the readers of TSLL to come up with a title for the new notepad that would include this exclusive illustration, and what was chosen was a marriage of two readers’ contribution of ideas: The play on words of France’s motto fraternite, egalite, liberte and the homophone of the plural of croissants since two croissants are depicted in the illustration, croissance which means ‘growth’ in French. “Simplicité, Tranquillité, Croissance!” I invite you to read this detailed post that shares the photos that were croissant ‘models’ for the illustration, the decision for the blue detail on the plate and why this phrase fits so well with living simply luxuriously. | The Simply Luxurious Life

But now to the limited time discount.

In celebration of this year’s Annual French Week on TSLL, I wanted to make available a sale on the new Croissants notepad of 20% off the regular price ($12/ea). Through Sunday August 21st, use the promo code CROISSANCE7TSLL. The 20% discount is for the single notepad (details of the notepad are listed below), and you can 10% off the 3-pack Croissants Notepads (regularly 10% off, $32.50) with promo code 3PACKCROISSANCE.

Croissants Notepad – Simplicité, Tranquillité, Croissance!

  • English translation: Simplicity, Tranquility, Growth!
  • tear-off notepad
  • exclusive, custom Sarah Löcker full-color illustration, two croissants atop a traditional Parisian, marine bleu trimmed bistro plate
  • 4″ x 8″ (the largest notepad available from TSLL)
  • 50 pages
  • white recycled paper 20lb wt.
  • magnet included

Discount is available through the remainder of TSLL’s 7th Annual French Week, and concludes on Sunday August 21st.

Shop the Single Notepad. Shop the 3-Pack Notepads. | The Simply Luxurious Life

Image captured as Sarah works on the creation of the illustration. Learn more about the process and see more pics for all of the new illustrations here. | The Simply Luxurious Life



Click here to shop the Notepads.

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4 thoughts on “Limited Time Sale on Croissants Notepads

  1. Just placed my order (plus a few more things that I’ve had my eye on)! Thank you for the discount code and I cannot wait to use my new items ?

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