Seeking Reader Creative Input – Talking Croissants!
Wednesday January 19, 2022

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With the upcoming release of TSLL’s 3rd Book – The Road to Le Papillon: Daily Meditations on True Contentment, I want to bring a special offering to readers.

When the 2nd book was released in 2018, with each pre-order, a Live Well, Live Simply Luxuriously notepad was included with each order.

The 3rd book’s release will be a bit different, as I share here, with readers ordering directly from their online bookshop of choice on March 22, 2022; however, there will be a preorder of the signed bookplate which I will open up for orders here on the blog in February (stay tuned).

As well, if you are a TOP Tier Member, you will receive two free gifts (upon placing a preorder for the signed bookplate):

  • One new notepad that will include the full-color illustration created by Sarah Löcker of the croissants
    • Name and title of the notepad to be decided today with reader help and input
  • AND, a surprise gift that I will reveal on February’s A Cuppa Moments

The notepad with the croissants illustration will become available to all readers of the blog in February for pre-ordering, but for TOP Tier Members, you will receive one Croissant notepad for free when you pre-order by a certain date (to be shared during February’s A Cuppa Moments). All Croissants notepads ordered in February and early March will be pre-orders as the first shipment will be sent to coincide with the book’s release on March 22nd.

Back to seeking Reader Creative Input

You may know that one of TSLL’s notepads is titled A Cuppa Ideas (see below). The play on words of the British daily afternoon drink of preference encompasses a playful tone whilst giving a nod to the illustration by Inslee and suggests a general idea of use for the notepad.

A Cuppa Ideas notepad

Here is where I am seeking TSLL reader creative input for the new Croissant notepad.

~I am seeking a short, witty/pithy, playful, French (or French-inspired) saying to place at the top of the notepad. (size 4 x 8 inches, see below a proof)

Enter your submission by Monday February 7th in the comment section below, and I will announce the winning saying on Wednesday February 9th.

The winner (you do not have to be a TOP Tier Member) will receive 10 free Croissants notepads, plus an entire TSLL Notepad pack (one of each of the notepads TSLL sells in the Shop).

What if you don’t want to submit an idea, but would still like to participate in the selection? Scroll through the comments below and be sure to respond to the sayings that catch your ear, eye and tickle your funny bone just a bit as well as make you nod your head that yep, this would be a good fit for TSLL.

What will determine the winning Notepad Title?

  • French-related
  • Ties in cleverly the illustration of the croissants
  • An element of a pun (multiple meanings of one or two words used)
  • Aligns with TSLL mission statement
  • May be in French, but need not be.
  • Fellow reader response to your suggestion in the comments
    • If you are reading through the comments and see a saying that catches your eye, please do comment/respond. This is helpful as I want to create something readers will want to use in their life.
  • Original

Okay! Well, I am most curious to see what you come up. Share your idea in the comments below and check back on February 9th to see if your saying was chosen. Be sure to leave a comment by February 7th with our idea or on which one you most prefer.

Bonne Courage!!! | The Simply Luxurious Life

113 thoughts on “Seeking Reader Creative Input – Talking Croissants!

  1. “Je crois en moi” or “I believe in myself”. An extremely vague link to crois-sant, although not in meaning…

  2. I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for but – Il vaut mieux faire que dire. It roughly means doing is better than saying. I think it is attributed to Alfred de Musset.

  3. 1st idea
    Croissant and carry on

    2nd idea
    Simple pleasures are the best- the “proof” is in the croissant

  4. Vive la Vie Elevee. Meaning, Here’s to life elevated, or Here’s to the elevated life!

    It’s missing the pun element, though…

  5. “Faire par Ordre Croissant”, which translates as: To-Do in Ascending Order, so a play on the word origin of croissant, the delicious bread item, from the verb “coitre”, which means here “ascending”.
    Or “To-Do: Par Ordre Croissant”.

    1. How about: “Pour Faire Une Bonne Journee, Faire Des Croissants”( To make a Good Day, Make Croissants)

      or ” La Recette Pour une Bonne Journee: Croissant et Cafe” (The Recipe for a Good Day: Croissant and Coffee)

    2. OK, this is so much fun, you have to understand word-play is like EXTREME catnip to me. I am so sorry. But here’s another:
      “Un Croissant Bon=Crois En Bon Sante”

      Really, I cannot help myself, apologies…

    3. My favourite is “Faire par Ordre Croissant”. It tickles all the boxes: croissants, ideas, French. As Tara says: Elegant and clever! 🙂

    1. Love it! And isn’t writing always better with croissants(or coffee or chocolate, but that’s for another time..)
      “Joie d’Ecrit Avec des Croissants”. Absolutely no-one can argue with that.

  6. Idea 1: “Savourer chaque jour”
    (French translation of “Savor the every day”)

    Idea 2: “A delicious way of life”
    (A nod to living simply luxuriously 🙂

    Such a gorgeous illustration!

  7. Reading through, I like” “Love is all you Knead”, “Freshly Baked Ideas”, and “Savourer chaque jour” thus far.

  8. The quality of croissants vary just the same as with life. “La vie est comme un croissant. Privilégier la qualité plutôt que la quantitè”( life is like a croissant . Favour quality rather than quantity) . This fits in with TSLL’s ethos.
    If allowed 2 then: “Le bonheur est dans votre ‘croissance’ continuel” (happines is in your continual growth). Have fun choosing Shannon xx

  9. Love the ones from Kameela and Rona!

    Could consider French translation of : Community (or another word). Simple luxury. Growth. (My translation isn’t reliable but something like Communaute. Luxe simple. Croissance.). Nod to fraternite, egalite, liberte. Or simplicity, luxury, growth.

    Also really liked the ‘Keep Calm and Croissance’ above! So much fun!

    1. Love this idea of playing with France’s national motto. The term croissance is catching my eye as it, for English readers, becomes a somewhat pun of croissants.

      I am going to play with this. Something like “croissance pour la tranquillité”. However, I know you all will come up with other ideas, so I will let you all run with this.

      It has been a treat to read all that has been shared so far.

  10. ‘Pour les Gourmandes’. For the gourmandes.
    ‘Gourmand’ does not have a direct translation into Anglo-Saxon language, but in French is someone who is passionate about eating food. It does not have a negative tone to it, but just someone who truly enjoys eating quality food, and enjoys the experience of eating. It is eating for pleasure, and not worrying about the calories! I know this isn’t witty, it has no pun, but when I look at croissants, or anything else in a patisserie for that matter, it unleashes my inner gourmande!

  11. Good morning Shannon, my vote went to Stephanie for ‘Savor the everyday’, looking forward to pre-ordering your next book, a lovely start to Spring here in the UK, very best wishes, Sue.

  12. 🙂
    “carpe ideam” – as in “carpe diem” – no French though, and no croissants either… hmm… :-\

    ” l’idée du jour” – as in “le plat du jour”, or without article “idée du jour” – as in “plat du jour”

    “mes idées croissants” – transl. “my growing ideas/ projects”

    ” la bonne idée” – transl. “a good idea”

    What fun! 🙂

  13. My favourites:

    “Faire par Ordre Croissant”

    “To-Do: Par Ordre Croissant”

    “Savourez chaque jour” ———– peut-être un croissant, oui? 😉

    “Joie d’écrire”

    and for a more casual vibe:
    “Croissant and carry on”.

    So much fun! Thanks, Shannon, for calling us in. 🙂

  14. Sooo many terrific ideas here! I’d like to add “But first, croissant” or “Keep Calm & Croissant On”. Merci for the update on your book- I’m looking forward to the pre-order in February!

  15. Here’s my idea:

    “Croissant – it off your list” a play on “cross it off your list.”

    Great ideas everyone!


  16. Such creativity! Well done everyone – great ideas!

    Gribouillages – is my suggestion. It’s the french word for scribbles, I love how the word sounds and I have scribbles on note pads everywhere 🙂
    Alternatively, Notes et Gribouillages – notes and scribbles.

    I look forward to seeing what you chose Shannon!

  17. Just love reading all these suggestions ! Thank you for sharing them what a creative group we have ?? I’m looking forward to seeing which one Shannon will choose ? Have a lovely weekend everyone .
    x Anne x

  18. I was thinking “Add a twist to your day!” Such great ideas on here, I like the french ones, despite not remembering an ounce of college french class!

  19. So many great and fun ideas!
    My favourites so far: “mes idées croissantes” and “savour the everyday” =)

  20. I like the savouring link so something like “moments to savour” as we enjoy our patisserie and may be a cup of tea or “petite pause”.

  21. So many great ideas already shared, sorry I haven’t had time to read them all, if my ideas echo anyone else’s. I’m not great with pithy puns but these are a couple of ideas I thought about:
    “Ideas to Savour”
    “Ideas Proving” or “Life is in the Proving”
    “But first, a croissant”

  22. I have one more suggestion for the notepad:
    “Savor the Moment” – whenever I eat a croissant, it is such a treat and I literally peel back the layers of pastry and enjoy every moment with that special pastry. I love croissants, they are my favorite, and am always on the search for the best one where I live.

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