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The Contentment MasterClass

Q: Where do I find the Introductory Video & Course Syllabus?

Click here for the detail page that includes the Introductory video, course syllabus, what you will learn, and much more.

Q: When will the course be open for enrollment?

June 22, 2024

Q: What will the length of the course be?

A 15-hour video course taught by Shannon, divided into eight over-arching lessons with each lesson containing mini-lessons between 5-20 minutes in length (a total of 60 mini lessons/parts).

Q: Who is this course for?

Take a look at the list below: Do any of these describe your current life chapter?
You have consciously lived a thoughtful life, but even with the decisions you have made during your life journey thus far, something feels like it is missing. Not a physical thing, per se, because you are someone who does their homework when it comes to finding and investing well – taking time to curate your wardrobe, carefully planning the best vacation, building the ‘perfect’ relationships, etc., etc., but rather a feeling, a deep feeling of peace that seems elusive no matter what you do. 
If you are trying to find your true self, or return to your true self, this course will familiarize, or refamiliarize, you with who you have always been at the core of you. 
By constantly trying to make life ‘happier’ you have tried to control outcomes, even forcing things to happen before they were ready. This is realized in hindsight that because of the rush and push, the foundation wasn’t strong and either it cracked and fell apart, or you found yourself in a place that you realized was not where you actually wanted to be, even though either you convinced yourself, or society convinced you, it would be.
If you are a perfectionist or are a recovering perfectionist, you have perfected being perfect, but it never brings the inner peace and steady calm you thought would arrive. 
Nights are restless because you may wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to turn your mind off. You may fall asleep exhausted, but when you wake up before the alarm clock, your mind is racing before you even fully open your eyes. You are mentally exhausted before the day has already begun. 
If you have been wise enough to not pursue what doesn’t sit well with your being, have bravely chosen a different path and tried to align with your curiosities, but still haven’t found the calm and deep ease and contentment you thought you would find by doing so and perhaps you are struggling to shut out the outside world that is trying to shame or guilt you into doing something differently, please know, you are so very close to what you seek and I am happy you are here. You will find the tools in this course that will help you reach what you have nearly attained: Deep True Contentment, experienced in every day of your life regardless of what the outside world says, does or wants you to believe. 
—Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, if you are a reader and/or listener of TSLL: If you have read or listened to one of the many posts of TSLL blog or episodes of the podcast, The Simple Sophisticate over the past 14+ years focused on living simply luxuriously, a life that is grounded in cultivating true contentment, or read one or all of my three books, and so you understand what contentment is, and you are ready, you are and have been wanting to welcome true contentment into your life, but feel overwhelmed with all of the content and want help trying to connect the dots, and are seeking clear, step-by-step instruction about how to put into practice these skills into your life, this course was made for you.

Q: Approximate amount of time it will take to complete the course?

The estimated time to complete the course, absorb its content and begin to see the changes of building the foundations of true contentment is between 3-6 weeks depending on each student’s schedule.

Q: Can I pace myself and take the course to fit my schedule?

All of TSLL’s online courses, including this one, Contentment Master Class, are self-paced, meaning once you purchase the course, you can move through each lesson as quickly or as gradually as you prefer or need to based on your best practices for learning new content.

Q: How long do I have access to the course once I purchase it?

You have lifetime access to this course once you purchase it. This means that whenever any updates or additions are made to the course, you will be able to access this content for free as you already paid the price of the course once.

Q: Will there be assignments or homework during this course?

Yes, there will be assignments. At the end of each of the eight lessons, an assignment will be given to deepen students understanding and application of important concepts taught in the lessons. You will not be turning in the homework, and may continue to the next lesson when you are ready.

However, as I will share in the introduction of the course, completing each of the assignments as you progress will provide a foundation for reflection of growth as well as clarity about how and where you wish to improve and better understand your journey in order to eventually experience true contentment every day.

Q: Do I have to be a paying TSLL Member (TOP or BASIC) to sign up for the course?

No. Anyone can sign up for TSLL’s online video courses.

Q: Are there benefits to being a paying TSLL Member (BASIC or TOP) as it pertains to the price of the course?


If you are a TOP Tier Member, you will be able to save 20% off the listed course price during the first month of the course’s release (which will be in June 2024). Once the one month window has passed, all Members will have to pay the full price.

The special promo code will be shared with Active TOP Tier Members via the exclusive TOP Tier Member newsletter, so if you are a member, make sure to check your emails as June nears.

But remember, you have lifetime access to the course, so you can purchase it when it premieres and save it until you are ready to take the course.

Q: Will I be able to see exactly what I will learn in the course – a syllabus – prior to purchasing?

Yes. On the purchase page of the course once it becomes available in June, you will be able to see each chapter’s theme and the detailed mini-lesson themes as well.

Q: How much will the course cost?

The course will be priced at $300. This is the introductory price for all enrollees this summer.

The price was determined based on the course’s length (15+ hours of video content), the depth of research included sourced from leading experts in the fields of study discussed throughout the course – mindfulness, neurology, positive psychology, and more, paired with Shannon Ables’ expertise and experience with the content as well as 20 years of professional teaching experience, along with the length projected it will take students to complete the course – 3-6 weeks, and comparing to prices of similar offerings and their hourly rate of video and coursework provided.

Remember, if you are an Active TOP Tier Member, a promo code has been shared with you to save 20% off the introductory price during the first month of the course’s release, so be sure to check June’s A Cuppa Moments video, as well as upcoming emails sent to TOP Tier Members.

Q: How long will it take once I complete the course to experience true contentment in my everydays?

Each student’s journey will be unique due to a wide array of factors, some within our control (your intention and effort to absorb the content and information shared and do the necessary work) and others beyond our control.

However, as you will learn in the course, once you understand and practice the skills taught, the journey toward experiencing true contentment will be sprinkled with contented moments. With each day, you will experience more and more contentment. And before you realize it, because you have been living and savoring the present moment, you will be experiencing and living true contentment every single day all day long.

Q: Will there be a trailer or preview of what the course is about to view prior to June 2024?

Yes. Look for the trailer of TSLL’s Contentment Master Class to be revealed during TSLL’s Annual British Week in May (the 19th — 26th).

Q: How can I be alerted to news about the course’s release date?

Be sure to sign up for TSLL’s free Book & Online Course News newsletter here and you will be notified via email of the release date, price of the course, opportunities for savings via promo codes and any other information about the course as it becomes available.