Let’s Go Find the Simply Luxurious Christmas Tree! 2019

Dec 18, 2019

Welcoming a freshly cut tree into the home infuses the entire space with nostalgic memories of my childhood. Every year as a young girl our family Christmas tree would be found during an outing in the snow with my parents and brother, and each year there would be a story to tell about our sledding adventures, the one tree that almost made the cut (pun intended) and the annual meal that was special and reserved solely for the tree cutting day each holiday season.

As I shared in this week’s new episode on the podcast (#271), last year was my first year heading out into the woods as an adult to cut down my own Christmas tree, and in so doing, I was reminded of how wonderful a tradition it is, but also how much of a workout. 🙂

Today, I would like to share with you a story in pictures of my outing to find my tree over the past weekend. If you follow @thesimplyluxuriouslife on Instagram, you have seen many of these pictures as I shared them on IG Stories, but what I have not shared yet (until today) is a final, full picture of my decorated tree in my home. I do hope you enjoy the journey to the forest and through the snow and woods to find the perfectly imperfect tree for my simply luxurious holiday decor in my new home.

The day began with brilliant sunshine and crisp temperatures. Heading up to the mountain early was the goal in hopes of enjoying fresh snow which had fallen the day before. As you will see in the pictures below, we were in luck!

Norman joined me, and what an adventure we had together.

The sunshine in the early morning created a magical snowscape that left me smiling giddily during the entire first half of the hunt for the tree (bringing the tree home, admittedly, the smile turned into determined grit to pull the tree safely back to the car).

For part of the journey in search of the tree, Norman lead the way . . .

. . . and for equally other parts of our excursion, he followed along in my ski tracks. Oh! Did I mention, I highly recommend wearing classic nordic skis. It made the travel much swifter and the far less exhausting.

Let the hunt begin!!! (be sure to view the three videos below that were taken as we made our way to our eventual tree of choice)

I found a wonderful tree in the congregation of trees below. However, as it was early in our hunting, I marked it but kept perusing the forest.

The winterscape truly looked a white winter wonderland. And with Norman standing amongst it, I could not help but take a few pics.

Then I came upon this uniquely tucked-into-another-tree pine tree. Knowing my tree would be nestled up against a wall in my living room, I knew the back side of the tree need not be full, and so . . .

. . . the above tree was the tree that would accompany us home!

Now, getting it to the main trail, pulling it through the other trees, was the most difficult task. Norman was happily ready to head back, so I did my best to tug and pull it through some tight spots. But as you can see in the video below, it made it to the main trail!

Thankfully it was downhill for one third of the way back to the car. (you can see Norman way down the hill in the distance leading the way back.)

Then, the ground leveled, and the arms and legs had to do the grunt work, but the beautiful landscape made it far more enjoyable.

Norman poked his head out now and then to lend his encouragement as I tried to keep up with him . . .

. . . and eventually, we made it back to the car and prepared to head back down the mountain back into Bend and to our home.

The tree was tied to the roof of the car, Norman was safe and warm in the back seat, skis were safely stored and I was exhausted, but tickled with our tree.

~In between arriving home with the tree and completing all of the decoration, I shared all of these details, the decor I chose, the tree stand, etc. in this post/podcast episode, which also shares 12 Simple Winter Holiday Decor Ideas.

The evening we had been waiting for, the first night with the Christmas tree all aglow and snuggling up on the sofa had finally arrived.

The scent of pine as I walk by each time instantly lifts the corners of my mouth, and the knowledge that such a setting is evanescent makes me all the more appreciative of the simple beauty. No, this holiday tree will not be revered in any decor magazine, but I sure am tickled with the memories that were created and will continue to be as 2019 comes to a close.

Thank you for joining me on this outing and I do hope your holiday season are going merrily and joyfully along as we celebrate the final weeks of the year that is and step into a new year with hope, courage and delight to see it arrive. Joyeuses fêtes!

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15 thoughts on “Let’s Go Find the Simply Luxurious Christmas Tree! 2019

  1. I have fond memories of similar outings. We always made the green Christmas cornflake wreath cookies to sample while decorating!

  2. Quite an adventure Shannon !
    Did you have a saw to fell the tree , or use an axe ?
    It’s such a pretty tree , and I love the simplicity of your pine cone decorations and little white lights .
    Enjoy !
    With best wishes from the UK

    1. Anne, Try this URL – tryfirstleaf.com/sophisticate – it should work and what a great gift to give and receive! Thank you for reaching out and letting me know about the URL needing to be fixed. Happy holidays

  3. Just simply beautiful, and loved watching your journey to get it! Norman is so cute and such a good buddy! All of the snow is so beautiful, I just love it. I am in Colorado so I appreciate winter.
    Merry Christmas Shannon!!! And wishing you health and laughter in the new year!

  4. Wow that is so inspiring! I can’t imagine doing something like that on my own. Also yesterday was 114f in Adelaide, Australia so whenever we pick a tree in a forest it’s always hot and dusty. Thank you for sharing how Instagram moments involve hard work and real joy and satisfaction. Have a wonderful Christmas

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