Why Not . . . Entertain Like Ina Garten?
Tuesday December 4, 2018

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Many fans of Ina Garden (aka The Barefoot Contessa) may already know about a particular website that stocks and sells Ina Garten’s trusted and utilized kitchen and home goods. But just in case you did not, as was the case for me until recently, I’d like to introduce you to Cassandra’s Kitchen

Cintia Parsons & Cassandra Schultz are the owners of Cassandra’s Kitchen which was founded in 2008. What is the connection to Ina Garten? Well, Cassandra began working at Ina Garten’s Specialty food store, The Barefoot Contessa, at the age of 13. In fact, she even appeared in some of past Barefoot Contessa episodes. Both business partners have had a relationship with Garten for years, and thus the idea for Cassandra’s Kitchen was born. 

From the simple, yet luxurious ubiquitous white platters seen on the show, the silver serving ware, simple, yet refined glassware, even the linens, you will find it all on Cassandra’s Kitchen. 

Below I have spotlighted my favorite items, but perhaps you have someone on your holiday list (or maybe you would like to put a few of these items on your holiday wishlist) who would love to have these beautiful, simple, and some of them French items in their own kitchen to enjoy for years to come. 

Have a look and then be sure to pop on over and peruse the entire site here

~Insulated Chrome Plated Carafe~
~French White Dinnerware by Pillivuyt
~La Rochere Amitie Glassware – set of 6 ~
~(left) Big White Cecil Bowl (currently sold out, but after reaching out to the owners, they confirmed, a new shipment will arrive by the end of the year): (right) Deep Cecil Bowl~
~Hôtel Silver Bowl~

I must admit, finding this site felt like stumbling into a gold mine. I most definitely have a few of the items above on my wishlist, and look forward to returning periodically to see what they have stocked. 


~Why Not . . . Cook Like a Pro (with the help of Ina Garten)?

~The French Stove to Have for a Lifetime

~Ina Garten’s Barn in East Hampton

~Ina Garten’s Gorgeous Garden

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  1. I love that book The Tao of Pooh!! Such a great message and way of looking at life. Noticed it below in picture.

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