Buy In Season – Save Money, Be Healthy
Thursday April 28, 2011

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With farmer’s markets beginning and with my first official trip of the year to the local nurseries, I am reminded of the opportunities to save money that come with warmer weather and fresh, local produce.

Mirielle Guiliano, author of French Women For All Seasons, emphasizes repeatedly the point that in order to eat healthier one should eat produce that is in season.  Not only is this a healthy choice, but it is also a frugal choice. Seasonal produce is cheaper because often it is purchased from local farmers and the consumer isn’t paying for the extra mileage (read – gas) to transport it to a grocery store near them.

To help determine what to look for when you head out grocery shopping, check out this very handy website that makes it easy to determine what is in season based on where you live and what month it is.  Click here to visit Epicurious website that will help you save money and eat healthy.

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