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The Road to Le Papillon
Third Book | The Simply Luxurious Life
A Wonderful Book

“The Road to Le Papillon is truly a wonderful read. Reading Shannon’s inspiring daily posts is like sitting down with a friend over a cup of tea and knowing that you will leave that conversation content and happy. Her words, both in this book and on her blog, are a reminder to enjoy life at your own pace, and to acknowledge both the good and bad events in our lives. When I read her words, I am reminded that while there may be days that I struggle through, each day is also an opportunity to better myself, to learn something new, and to grow. Her list of books and her petit pleasures are not to be missed as well. They are wonderful ways to treat yourself!”
—N. Bartol, US (5/6/2022)

Jam packed with inspiration

“This book is just so lovely. Shannon has a unique voice that is both passionate and calming. You can read this all at once or daily. I am enjoying it as a daily read as it is so thoughtfully put together by season. Each month starts with a longer inspirational entry. There is so much depth in every daily meditation that I will read this year after year. She has so many fantastic recommendations for books, habits, podcasts, life lessons. Just adore this book so much.”
—Trish (4/1/2022)

Inspiration for finding the joy in each and every day

“The Road to Le Papillon is a beautifully illustrated book that inspires you to find the joy in the everyday and seek out the simple pleasures that make each day something special. With daily motivational readings, “Petit Plaisirs”, and even a playlist, Shannon Ables inspires us all to live intentionally and fully all year long.”
—Michelle Warren (3/31/2022)

A Must Read

“What a lovely book, whether you use it as daily inspirational reading, dip into the chapters that interest you, or read from beginning to end. Shannon tells her own story, and a universal story, about finding one’s unique way of living in the world. Highly recommended.”
-Deborah Lindsay (3/30/22), Goodreads

A daily indulgence for peace of mind and body.

“The Road to Le Papillon is not your usual book of daily meditations, it is filled with ideas to implement in life to work towards contentment with doable actions.

Shannon Ables is a true Francophile and Anglophile with lovely ideas to help find your own “true north” and enhance your everyday life. Each daily meditation is followed by a treat which she calls a Petit Plaisir to complement the meditation…a book, a selection of music, a recipe, or just an idea. Also included in each meditation is the opportunity to Explore Further by linking to a related post from The Simply Luxurious Life blog where thoughts and ideas are expanded upon even more.

If you are looking for a way to enjoy life more I recommend this book. Reading my daily meditation is a true indulgence that I look forward to treating myself to each day and I am sure you will enjoy it too.”
—P.K.B. (US, 3/2/2022)

Inspiration for a more contented, intentional life.

“If, like me, you are someone who already partakes in the Simply Luxurious way of living, via Author Shannon Ables blog, previous books, podcast, newsletters, and even her Instagram, you will find this book to be a treasure trove of the inspirational and thought-provoking insights Shannon so often provides. As well as 366 of those much-loved petit plaisirs! But, even better you can hold this in your hands and return back to them again and again.

If you are someone just dipping your toes into the Simply Luxurious waters, or are seeking a book that provides not just daily platitudes, but thought provoking discussion points, questions to make you really consider ways to take each meditation forward into your life, as well as plenty of inspiration as to how to add a little simple luxury to each day, I thoroughly recommend this book. That is if you are seeking daily inspirations as to how to cultivate the life you TRULY want to lead.

The book is divided into the 12 months, with each month focussed on a particular theme, for example May (possibly my favourite month in the book) has the theme of Mother Nature. Each meditation cleverly considers how the lessons we can learn and appreciate from natures beauty can be applied to every day. As well as lots of wonderful references to the English countryside, cottage gardens and the joy of gardening (OK I may be biased, as I love to garden!) Each months theme provides lessons to ponder on, offering skills and methods to increase the contentment in our lives, as well as more insight into Shannon Ables’ own journey and how she herself learnt and applied the lessons presented.

I was privileged to receive an advanced copy of the book to read, and thoroughly enjoyed it, unable to put it down. However, I intend to revisit each dated meditation daily, consider the questions posed and inspiration provided, and enjoy the days recommended little pleasure. Additionally, Shannon helpfully provides a way to explore the subject of the entry further with a link to a relevant post on her blog.

With a focus on being more consciously present day to day, savouring the little pleasures we can cultivate and bring to our lives (with little to no spending necessary) all whilst taking steps towards our goals and dreams, this book is a worthwhile resource to accompany your own journey.”
– Sarah H. (UK, 3/1/2022)

Inspiring and Comforting!

“Reading Shannon’s book is like having a conversation with a dear and wise friend. Her writing is personable and relatable, and in the chaos of life, a daily meditation (or two!) from her book is calming, reassuring and inspiring. The content does indeed lead one toward contentment, as I felt my blood pressure lower the more I read, and I chose to read her meditations before bed for that purpose. Shannon’s journey inspires one to elevate their own and I highly recommend the read. Whether you’re searching for contentment, looking to elevate your life, or enjoy reading about inspiring people you won’t be disappointed!”
— Joy R. Hambrick (US, 3/2/2022)

Exceptional life enhancing.

“What a wonderful book! I found all the ideas, personal reflections, and advice so inspiring. Shannon’s message of living a life of contentment and savoring the everyday little things is truly the only guide to one’s life you’ll ever need. Each daily meditation takes you on a journey that calls you to action while at the same time slowing you down to reflect and think about what is most beneficial for your soul. This book touched me by the vulnerability and the genuine wisdom it imparted. A must-read!”
— Dani (Canada, 3/1/2022)

Life enhancing ?

“This is Shannon’s third book, and it doesn’t disappoint!

It is filled with intriguing ideas on how we can add simple pleasures to every day, to increase our ‘Joie de Vivre‘

The book is organised into months, each chapter has a different theme for reflection.

There are daily entries, with suggestions on how we can deepen our self knowledge and understanding to be able to enhance our contentment and live well.

Shannon offers a thought for a ‘petite plaisir‘ at the end of each day’s entry, and ideas for us to be able to explore further, with links to previous articles from her blog, ‘The Simply Luxurious Life‘

She shares her own journey to ‘Le Papillon‘, her home in Bend, Oregon, throughout the book, as well as offering a wealth of suggestions on music, recipes, books, decor and gardening.

There is an excellent quick guide to the books and music she has recommended, which makes it easy to cross reference and explore further if you wish to.

This is a lovely book……you can dip in and out of it, choosing the chapters and entries which ‘speak‘ to you, read it straight through from beginning to end, or read a little each day, following the daily entries.

I was fortunate to be able to read an advanced copy, and I really enjoyed it, this is a book which encourages us to reflect on our lives, and suggest simple pleasures which can enhance every day.

If you haven’t ‘met‘ Shannon before, you are in for a treat!

Loved it!”
— Anne W. (UK, 3/1/2022)

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