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Living the Simply Luxurious Life
Second Book

This book is a true luxury!

“I have read and thoroughly enjoyed both of Shannon’s books and still I jumped at the opportunity to hear her narrate her own words. What a pleasure it turned out to be! Shannon’s “take” on what it means to live a luxurious life is gracious and inclusive. It has everything to do with what luxury means to the reader as an individual and nothing to do with trends or materialism. I have learned from her how to live more fully and to actively pursue with courage the things that are especially important to me. As a high school English teacher, Shannon is the “real deal” – a person living an everyday life that is beautiful, luxurious, and perfectly suited to her taste, temperament, joys and goals. And- the gift of the audible book is the listener gets to hear all of her ideas in her own voice. I listen when I’m in the car or winding down at the end of the day as a way to relax and reboot. You will enjoy listening to Shannon’s book!”
—Deborah Lindsay

I will definitely listen to more than once

“I appreciate that the book was read by the author and don’t mind her putting her own inflections on what she is reading as she is allowed to take the liberty to do so as the author. This book offers some similarities to her last book but still new material within the same theme of living luxuriously. It was so packed with good information and although some themes repeat themselves in different sections of the book, I feel it puts the emphasis on certain behaviors that deserve it. This book is a summary of a lifetime of reading books on bettering oneself and presented to the reader in a pleasurable succinct way considering how much material was reviewed for the writing of this book. Loved it!”
—D (Audible, July 2020)

Excellent Second Book!

“I have been following Shannon for several years. I enjoy her podcasts and listened to this book on Audible. I loved this experience as this book has been the soundtrack for many miles of travel. However, I will be purchasing an actual book to be able to share with my adult daughter. Wish I had this information in my twenties.”
—Holmes Sweet Holmes (Audible, March 2020)

Well worth your time!

This book delivers exactly what it promises… ways to make your everydays extraordinary and discover your best self. I found Shannon’s blog and podcast when I was turning 50 and on a journey to do just that, and I was not disappointed! Shannon teaches (and/or reminds!) us of the elegance in simplicity, and of choosing quality not only in our purchases but also in our decisions. She encourages us to find our true selves and design our life around that, and how simple and attainable such a goal truly is. At this stage in my life, I thought I already knew these things but was very surprised by how a little life coaching led me to find the simple, elegant life I want, and with it, contentment. I love when authors narrate their own books, and Shannon is no exception! It feels like a warm conversation with a classy and elegant friend, and I one I will return to again and again when I need reminding.”
—Joy Hambrick (Audible, November 2019)


“I loved this book. It was everything I wanted and didn’t even know I wanted. It came at Shannon’s book was brought to my attention during breakfast with a friend. Since then, I have discovered many women have read this book and one said ‘it gives me comfort.’ Shannon’s writing is light, easily read and simplifies eliminating obstacles in your life with reason and methods. I am 77 and cleaned out half my closet with her inspiration. That included luxury professional wear from 20 years ago. I am also excited about following a dream from 50 years ago. Thanks to Shannon and my friend who recommended this read.”
—Suzann L. Foster (Amazon, September 2020)

The right book at the right time

“I have had this book on my wishlist for a long time. I don’t know why I didn’t buy it sooner. I stumbled upon Shannon’s blog and then discovered her book. Amazing how the Universe shows you the right thing when you are ready. It came at a time when longstanding responsibilities and projects were winding down, and I had decided to take a “sabbatical” to contemplate my true desires before embarking on new endeavors. I am much older than Shannon and my life couldn’t be more different, but found that she is wise beyond her years with thoughts that are still relevant to me as I dedicate time to my personal growth. (As an introvert, it was so refreshing to find someone else who navigates the world similarly.) I first purchased the e-book and then ordered the printed copy so that I could flip through and make notes. (Yes, I did highlight on my e-book, but enjoyed being able to flip through pages and easily see my many notations.) I’m also thinking of purchasing the audio version so I can listen to it on my walks or in the car. It’s been a long time since a book had a profound impact.”
—LSDV (Amazon November 2019)

A Wonderful Guide to a Life Well Lived

“Shannon Ables is a believer in cultivating a life, not waiting for it to happen, but creating it in the most lovely way. I read Shannon’s first book years ago and have eagerly waited for the Kindle edition of her new book. Like Shannon, I am a public high school teacher and enjoy her tips and techniques for living a life of style and substance on my income. She shows that it isn’t how much we acquire, but the experiences that we collect along the way that lead to a rich and full life. I am a culinary arts teacher and especially enjoy Shannon’s new cooking videos on her blog, but am also an avid reader and can identify with her passion for bookstores and evenings spent with books and tea. Her book, like her blog reminds me to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as walking my dog, enjoying my home, family and friends and choosing quality over quantity in all areas.”
—Anna Morgenthal (Amazon, November 2018)

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