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Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life
First Book

Book One - Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life
Enchantingly Elegant Non-Fiction

“Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life was a wonderful read and lifelong reference for woman of all ages who want to live a more rewarding, simpler life. I loved this book. Thank you.” —Renee C., Australian reader, 2016)

A Lovely Read

“A feeling of peace & wellness comes over the reader as one implements these clever and essential life hacks that Shannon delivers right to your soul. It just feels right. Merci.”
—BnB by the Sea, Victoria, Canada, April 2018

The Perfect Book

“This was the exact book I needed in my life right now. It has very well rounded information that guides you to be being a well rounded citizen. Well done Shannon Ables!” (September 2021)

Different, Artsy and a Great Read

“I love Shannon Ables’ blog, and her book Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life does not disappoint. I love the concept of looking at your life as a art form, and the author goes to great lengths to show you how you too can enjoy the little things that make your day so much sweeter and stylish. However, I too wished that I had read it 30 years ago, as it would have saved me so much money on all my purchases in my wardrobe, decorating, and home management. This book goes into so many areas of your life, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. However, this is not a book for someone who does not like detail.” –M. Howe, Canada (May 2015)

I Loved It

“I loved this book. It was everything I wanted and didn’t even know I wanted. It came at such a pivotal point in my life. I read the Audible version of the book and while I enjoyed it, I plan on getting the hard copy as well so that I can earmark some passages. Very well written, with a lot of care put into the planning and crafting of it. Highly recommended for women of all generations, looking to lead a simple yet luxurious life.” —Michelle O (US Reader, December 2017))

I Love Shannon’s Podcast and Blog and the Book is Another . . .

“I have had this book on my wishlist for a long time. I don’t know why I didn’t buy it sooner. I love Shannon’s podcast and blog and the book is another extension of both. Really really recommend this book to anyone wanting to invest in themselves.” —UK reader, August 2016

Simple Guidance

Thank so much for writing this book, it had given motivation and strength to know I can do it, I can create the life I want I have choices I choose me. Others may not agree with it or understand, that’s okay because I know I will be happy, my happiness is more important.” —US reader, March 2020

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