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Apr 25, 2020

I’d like to think that I would teach myself how to swim if I knew I would have to do it, but it certainly would make it far more enjoyable and void of stress if I knew not only how to swim prior to any required incident, but also found great enjoyment in gliding through the water, feeling the water wash around my body.

The described sensory experience is only known because I do know how to swim, and the experience is marvelous. As someone who was taught as a young child to respect, but also find great pleasure in water, it is easy to forget that water is equally beautiful as it is ominous. Our experience in situations in which we need to know how to swim only removes the fear because we were taught and accomplished a powerfully helpful, and life lifting skill.

Living well, knowing the skills and then having toned well the “muscles” of said skills requires intentional living, and it is far more helpful to have become well-toned before the moment we deeply need to be in shape. I wanted to share with you a post I wrote in January 2019 which spoke to the skill of resilience. Similar to saving money when more than what you require to live is being earned, developing the muscle of resilience during good times smooths out the rough times when they arrive. Ultimately, the unexpected gift we give ourselves by honing the skills during times that are smooth and relatively stress-free is the opportunity to see more easily the opportunities during the difficult times, embracing them and letting their unique magic wash over us like water that no longer strikes fear that we will drown but rather a well-spring of inspiration and clarity.

As someone who regularly explores how other creatives navigate through life, letting whatever will resonate with me do so as organically as possible, I have found intriguing how so many of them are navigating through our current times. From the artist who created the #isolationcreation and her new online destination to Sharon Santoni’s live chats from Normandy with fellow creatives living French-inspired lives to the designers and decorators who normally would be in bustling London now spending more time than ever before in their country homes – for example, Jasper Conran and Ben Pentreath, even this new weekly email delivery from Garance is revealing how we all navigate uniquely during unwanted times. We all dance in our own way through life if we will set ourselves free to do so.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it might be simpler to mass together and have the same thoughts, convey the same mentality about the current situation, but if you wish to find true peace during this time and especially in the good times, observe how your heart truly wants to dance and then turn on the music that matches its pace and rhythm.

As this monthly post’s title indicates, ponderings, oodles of ponderings that have been dancing through my mind over the past six weeks are shared above and below.

1.Giving a try for the first time: Sweet Peas – the summery, sweet scent of sweet peas.

As they will continue to rebloom throughout the summer as you begin to enjoy them in bouquets, I am attempting to grow my very own for the first time, so we’ll see how it goes. Floret’s Flowers still has seeds for planting, but be sure to starting sowing soon!

2. I do not know why it took me so long to savor such a simple homemade treat:

Speaking of the yard and garden, rhubarb. Steamed Rhubarb with Orange, topping wonderful rich yogurt. Click here for the recipe.

3. What to watch since we cannot go to the theater for new films:

A film I look forward to watching that will be released next Friday, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you (don’t worry, I will be sure to include in next week’s This & That so neither of us forget to enjoy). The Half of It

4. What fills my house besides the birds chirping:

A new playlist I am enjoying: My weekly music show must-listen-to as it lifts my Sunday is Sunday Baroque. Recently they created an extensive playlist on Spotify specifically for the times we find ourselves – Beautiful Music for Difficult Times.

5. I am carefully curating (which means editing, deleting AND adding) the social media I follow.

A new-to-me Instagram account that I am enjoying (and is reminiscent of the classic “Love Is . . . ” illustrations) is Happiness Is . . . .

6. Thankful for the extended time in the kitchen, and still keeping it simple, so long as it is delicious.

7. A Taste of France was savored recently

When Sharon Santoni’s most recent issue of My French Country Home magazine arrived, after pouring through it, it is my favorite as I shared in this IG post. Focusing on all things Normandy – the food, the gardens, the places to visit, to stay, to shop, this is an issue to keep if you ever want to explore the Normandy region of France.

8. Weeding after a good rain really is a wonderful pastime.

The thoughts that ramble through my mind, the peace that sweeps over me, being outside to take in the fresh air and let my dogs wander about. And while the name of the pastime is not the most picturesque, the act itself certainly is, especially when the efforts reveal their results.

9. Last but not least, this month’s Classical Song of the Month to add to your playlist: Butterfly’s Day Out

Just this morning, Debra Lew Harder of WRTI.org played this composition, and upon hearing it, I made sure I would be able to hear it whenever I wanted to smile. I encourage you to read the origin of the title of this song as is shared in the content description here on YouTube. I have a feeling it will delight you as it did me.


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14 thoughts on “9 Saturday Ponderings . . .

  1. Sweet peas are gorgeous, but I had never considered them for my Zone 8b garden…UNTIL you inspired me to research and BINGO! It’s too late for this year, but I can sow seeds in late fall for a late winter/early spring bloom! Thanks Shannon, you and the boys have a lovely weekend!

  2. Have fun growing sweet peas! The fragrance is like nothing else. When I see and smell them I always think of my mother who grew them every year 🙂

  3. I, too, am growing sweet peas for the very first time. My seedlings are hardening off in the backyard as I write! Looking forward to seeing them grow skyward soon and having sweet smelling beauty to harvest.

  4. The Half of It looks like a lovely movie, luckily it’s coming to the Australian Netflix too! Thanks for the suggestion Shannon x

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