The Annual Joyeuses Fêtes Message to TSLL Readers from Shannon
Saturday December 24, 2022

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Whether snow and cold temperatures greet you this holiday weekend or stunning sunshine and blue skies, I want to take a moment to wish the entire international community of TSLL readers a most wonderful winter holiday celebration.

Over the past twelve months you have joined TSLL as it moved into its new online home, celebrated the release of TSLL’s 3rd book, visited and took part during the two most popular events of the year and largest participation ever for each since they commenced – TSLL’s 7th Annual French Week and 4th Annual British Week, all the while moving into a new normal in all of our lives. Your time, engagement, kindness, curiosity to explore, grow and discover create an environment I am grateful to be a part of, and I am confident that is why new readers choose to return time and time again, becoming part of the community as well.

Each year around this time, whether in a solitary post such as this one or in the last This & That of the year, taking this time to reflect is a grounding ritual. While many thanks are extended on Thanksgiving here in the states, because our community here at TSLL is international and extends around the globe, it feels more apropos to conclude the year of regular posts with a post of appreciation because the blog continues to thrive and be able to share the content you enjoy because of you, the readers of TSLL. I am so very grateful for your time, your interest whether you are a new reader/listener of the blog and/or podcast or a long-time reader, thank you for your time to stop by, your interest and your open-mind as we each and all journey along our own path while gathering inspiration along the way to elevate the experience of living our lives.

Now, with that said, yesterday’s This & That concluded the regular weekly postings of 2022, BUT beginning Monday December 26th, get ready for a very busy week on the blog BECAUSE, two posts a day will be shared as I have spent this past week compiling the top and favorite episodes in 10 different categories (French and British inspired, podcast, Style Inspiration, Recipes, Contentment, etc.) While I do take the last week of the year off from creating new content, it is the week before that is quite bustling as well as quite fun as looking back through the year serves as a reminder of all that we have journeyed through together and what you enjoy exploring on TSLL.

Because this past week was an extra full work week, I promised the pups and myself we would take a five-mile cross-country ski as a mid-work Nature pause to a destination near Bend I had yet to visit (even after now living here since 2015!), and as you see in these images, we made it. We made it to Tumalo Falls, and not a soul did we see there and back. It was a stunning and powerful sight to witness, and that evening and into the night we all slept very soundly. (I will show full videos of this excursion in January’s A Cuppa Moments w/Shannon, but I wanted to show a peek here and below in my IG Reel.)

As I shared in the final podcast of this calendar year, episode #347, this festive time of year is capable of being exactly as we hope and wish it can be, and I wish for you and those you are sharing this time with, that your most ardent hopes come true. Bonne santé!

—Shannon (Norman and Nelle as well ☺️) | The Simply Luxurious Life

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23 thoughts on “The Annual Joyeuses Fêtes Message to TSLL Readers from Shannon

  1. And I am ever so grateful for your time, creativity, inspiration, and creation of this lovely space called ‘TSLL’. Thank you from the farthest and deepest reaches of my heart. Much love and joy to you and yours, Shannon. xoxo

  2. Dear Shannon,
    I wish you and the pups a Joyeux Noel.??
    Thank you for the great postings over the years.
    I read the 3rd book everyday and it is a great source of inspiration for me.
    Looking forward to more?
    Take care and kind regards from Lyon

  3. Best Wishes Shannon. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into the content and community at TSLL. It’s deeply appreciated. Wish you and your loved ones a peaceful new year!

    1. Thank you Katherine for your time shared and interest in TSLL. It is genuine joy to be able to share what I find with readers here on the blog. Wishing you a wonderful and love-filled new year. ??

  4. Joyeuses fêtes Shannon! Merci de nous offrir un contenu de qualité et de nous inspirer continuellement. Je te souhaite une merveilleuse année 2023!

    Happy Holiday Shannon! Thank you to your quality content and for inspiring us. I wish you a marvellous new year!

    1. Annie,

      Thank you for the lovely message and in French! I understood almost every word on the first read-through, Wahoo!

      Thank you for stopping by today and have a most wonderful holiday weekend. Grateful for readers like you. ??

  5. All best wishes to you Shannon, and many thanks for your beautiful blog. I don’t comment often but I am a regular reader … so many interesting posts, and the comments are next level … a fabulous community. I hope you and the pups have a wonderful week and a very Happy New Year in 2023.
    Take care, Catherine

    1. Catherine,

      Thank you so very much for your comment today and please know, whether you express directly or not here on the blog, you have stopped by, and your time and interest is greatly appreciated ???. Thank you for your kind words about the community’s engagement. I too am so appreciative of the awesome quality of connection shared here and that is created by TSLL community. A wonderful online gathering to be a part of ?? Thank You again and to you as well wishing you a new year full of hopes realized and oodles of joy. ☺️

  6. Shannon the falls are stunning, magical. Thank you for all the wonderful posts which keep me motivated daily. You put in a lot of thought and care into the content so that this fabulous community can find daily joy at any level. Hope you have a well deserved wonderful week with the pups and look forward to Monday Wishing you much joy and to the TSLL community. Hugs for Norman and Nell.Kameela ???xx

  7. Hi Shannon,
    Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into the blog, the inspirational and motivating content. I really appreciate it. I also appreciate the community of like minded souls !
    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Special hugs to the pups. How exciting little one’s first Christmas!
    Greetings too to the rest of TSLL readers.

    Warm wishes,

  8. Dear Shannon,
    So many thanks to you at the end of another richly patterned year. The world you create through TSLL radiates kindness, growth and ever-deeper understanding, and I am so deeply grateful ~ thank you Shannon for your gift of sharing!
    Wishing you a most sublime week of holidays and time…sweet time to dream with your pups. Merry, merry Christmas! Warmly, Liz

  9. Dear Shannon,
    Dear All,

    Thank you for a great year! Thanks, Shannon, for all your hard work to the benefit of your readers. Thanks, Community, for all that you bring in, your time, respect, empathy, positivity, and support. In our times, this is indeed a priceless gift, so double thanks. My life is way richer and more interesting because of you all here at TSLL.

    I wish you and your families (includes pets), Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let it be a year of Light and Peace, Harmony and True Contentment! 🙂

  10. Joyeuses fêtes Shannon, Norman and Nelle!
    You bring me so much joy in your posts, podcast and books.
    I am beyond grateful for you. When I’m stressed or just sad due to life’s circumstances, I turn to you. You always lift me up and remind me that I’m in control of how I respond and life is full of beauty and bounty.
    Looking forward to spending 2023 with you and the pups through your warmth and wisdom!

  11. Echoing the words of everyone, thanks so much Shannon for everything you give, impart and inspire, it is gratefully received and thoroughly enjoyed. Wishing you, your beautiful pups and the rest of the TSLL community a peaceful Christmas and very best wishes for 2023.

  12. Shannon, thank you so much for all your inspirational words, stories, and pictures. TSLL has become a part of my life and has lifted me when I have needed it. (Including today, I am unable to take part in Christmas celebrations as I have Covid ☹️) You bring so much joy to people and inspire them. Enjoy your week next week, and ear rubs to Norman & Nelle. My pup Jax is helping me during this time-insisting we go for walks. Aren’t our pets wonderful? I hope you and all the TSLL community have a wonderful and healthy New Year.

  13. Joyeux Noël Shannon, Norman, and Nelle! I enjoyed seeing and remembering Oscar in your recent post as well. Thank you for a marvelous year of inspiration and grace. All the best in 2023!

  14. Just wanted to echo others’ comments and gratitude to Shannon and the TSLL community. It is a space of such warmth and positivity, and it truly helps me feel grounded, regardless of what’s going on around me. Here’s to a healthy, happy, and bright 2023!

  15. And, I would like to add my thanks too. We’ve seen the terrible storm that has hit the States so I hope you and the pups are ok. Your stunning capture of the waterfall caught my eye on Instagram too. Nature is beautiful but also powerful as demonstrated by the current weather. I’m looking forward to enjoying this betwixtmas period savouring some of your posts. X

  16. Shannon, you said so beautifully what forms the heart of the community you created and nurture here: “…as we each and all journey along our own path while gathering inspiration along the way to elevate the experience of living our lives.” Thank you for the inspiration you put out into the world. Wishing you and your pups much joy and peace.

  17. I just read your final entries in ‘The Road to Le Papillon” and again, I am so grateful for all that you share! Underlining like crazy, your inspiration will again carry me through to a fresh start – 2023. Happy New Year, and I look forward to all that you share with us in 2023. Blessings!

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