A Simple Holiday Season: Happy Christmas & Hanukkah
Saturday December 24, 2016

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A simple holiday season has been my approach this year, so when I came across the Swedish photographer’s blog Made in Pesbo with photography by Carina Olander, I was drawn to the simple, natural aesthetics: the minimal, often unadorned boughs, wreaths and trees, as well as the attention to cozy living and congregating.

Each year, the opportunity arises to slow down and savor the last few days of the year or speed up and bustle about to get everything done that we think we must. We have this choice. For some it is easier than it is for others, but we do have the choice, and this year, the immense snowfall helped with the decision making. The last few days of working on the blog as I sit in my office, I have been given the fortune to have the vantage point of my front yard with five large pine trees towering above and more than a foot of snow happily lounging on the lawn. The neighborhood street while not particularly harried at anytime during the year, is notably calm and all but used for necessary travel. Knowing such weather will not be here long makes it all the more special, and knowing there is no need for wishes of a white holiday, is a reminder that indeed wishes do come true.

Whether you are celebrating Christmas tomorrow or the beginning of Hanukkah today, Kiwanza on Monday or any other or no holiday at all, I wish you an abundance of happiness and cheer in your moments as you enjoy these last few days of 2016.

The generosity TSLL readers continue to bring of their time, interest and thoughtful words when they stop by each time is something I am continually grateful for.

From the giving of gifts to the sharing of hugs and kisses this holiday, sending my love to you. Happy Holidays from TSLL!

~presents wrapped with personality and style~

~Don’t forget to hang the mistletoe!~

23 thoughts on “A Simple Holiday Season: Happy Christmas & Hanukkah

  1. Chère Shannon et tes fils, encore je te souhaite un joyeux Noël et bonne année !?????☃️??
    Je apprécie ton blog , cest tellement formidable , merci belle femme
    Repose-toi maintenant et à bientôt

  2. A lovely holiday to you and yours, Shannon (and, of course to the boys…they will enjoy their stocking stuffers, no doubt!). Wishing you a new year full of good luck, good health, good times and good friends! ❤️

  3. Merry Christmas Shannon. Thank you for bringing such joy, new interests, new ideas to try and inspiring words and resources into my life this year.

  4. Merry Christmas Shannon. Loved your book and love your blog. Thank you for your life changing insights and inspiration.

  5. Merry Christmas, Shannon. Thanks for all your work that brings so much encouragement and motivation every week. Have a wonderful holiday season. Our pups, Oliver and Sophie, wish Norman and Oscar a Merry Christmas also 🙂

  6. Hi Shannon. I am the person who always asks you how u manage everything!
    Have a wonderful Christmas! And to the boys!
    I appreciate your blog so much.. and love all your Francophile tips!
    Thank you for helping me become more organized and trying to plan my week out ahead to include some fun time. My next goal.
    If you are ever in Atlanta I would love to say hi??????

  7. Merry Christmas, Shannon and the boys!
    I am so looking forward to your 2017(and beyond!) posts and podcasts! They are so much fun, and informative, and I thank your for sharing your inspiration, creativity and intelligent insight.
    Cheers to 2016 and here’s to the adventures in 2017!

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