A Creative Place for the Umbrella

Mar 26, 2013

Spring is here, which makes me a very happy girl. Why? I adore the rain.

While I know not everyone does, either way, we all need an umbrella. And more importantly, in order to keep the house clean and free from puddles, it’s a good idea to have a designated place to put our trusty umbrellas. But who says it only has to be functional?

As I’ve been organizing my decor inspiration board for my new studio apartment in Portland’s Pearl District, I came across this white pedestal vase from Target’s new home collection, Threshold. Initially, I thought I’d use it as it was intended and arrange large spring Dogwood branches or yellow Forsythia branches and place on my dining room table, but then I realized it could double as something else. An umbrella holder in the entry!

Granted if you have kids and raucous dogs, this may not be an option as it it is stoneware, but for me in my new foyer (this is my house’s foyer, but it will be moving soon to Portland), it would be perfect.

~Do stop by next Tuesday as the series continues (see part one here). I’ll be showing more glimpses into my home as I incorporate simple ways to add a touch of effortless style. And to view all of the items I hand selected, check out my Spring Home Decor Ideas pinterest board here.

~In the interest of full disclosure, Target via Style Coalition reached out to me to choose items from their Threshold collection and style them in my home. While we did work together, the items in this series were all hand-selected by me and the opinions expressed are my own. It is sponsors like Target that allow me to continue to write and share ways to create a simply luxurious life.

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