An Apple and Herb Galette

Last weekend, the apples arrived on my doorstep from my neighbors who had just returned from Washington state. I was elated and began scrolling through my memory for all of the options for apple desserts. Too many, but whatever was chosen was sure to be flavor-rich with the apples freshly picked from the orchard. Apples […]

A Double Apple French Tart

Autumn and apples. The two just go together in my mind, and my tastebuds agree. Snuggling in as the rain falls and the temperatures drop. I look forward to this time of year when apples are aplenty and the evenings lose their light sooner making warmth all the more sought out whether by sitting by […]

Apple Tarte Tatin, plus How to Polish Copper – episode 3, season 2

Fall is just about upon us and the apples are abundant at the market. What a wonderful way to welcome into our homes the new season by making a classic French dessert – Apple Tarte Tatin! I have always been fascinated by this recipe, tried it a multitude of different times and ways, and it […]

Apple Tarte Tatin, Single Serving Sizes

Apple and fall go together much like croissants and Paris. A perfect pair full of deliciousness.  So as I was enjoying Sharon Santoni‘s most recent book My French Country Home: Entertaining Through the Seasons which showcases her home during each season in Normandy, France, I came across her Apple Tarte Tatin. And when I saw […]

Mini Apple Pies

After listening to one of my favorite weekly podcasts, The Splendid Table, I was reminded by Lynne Rossetto Kasper that the type of apple you choose is paramount for achieving the desired flavor. Simple advice, but often forgotten as we dart into the market to pick up “apples”. With the recommendation of blending at least […]

Rustic Apple Tart for Two

Tarts, pies, anything with butter and a touch of sugar is something I will devour, but more and more what I love is to play in the kitchen and change recipe sizes and flavors.  Chilled really does make a difference, the type of butter does as well, and it really is quite simple to make […]

French Apple Tart

I am all about mouth-watering flavor, but I don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen. What I’ve realized through my years of cooking is your recipes are only as good as the quality of your ingredients. So one of my favorite desserts to make during the fall and winter months is a French apple […]

A Fall Apple Tartlet With Something Extra

As the local farmers’ markets come to a close for the season, apples are one of the fresh fruits that are readily available to take home and mold into a wonderful fall dessert.  One of my favorite desserts is what I pulled together a few weekends ago from a few of my tried and true […]

Apple Pie – The Simply Luxurious Way

No other dessert that reminds me of fall than an apple pie. There is something warm, cozy and comforting about not only the taste of a freshly made apple pie, but the aroma that flirts through out the house, teasing the taste buds as you wait for it come out of the oven. While I […]

This & That: October 15, 2021

All sorts of new cookbooks, décor books, cozy reads, cozy scarves, an international film I cannot wait to watch set in Sweden, two theatre productions highly praised, clothing sales and fall finds and much, much more. Books —Beautifully Organized At Work: Bring Order and Joy to Your Work Life So You Can Stay Calm, Relieve […]

How I Savor My Sundays at Le Papillon: 14 Rituals

If you’re already a subscriber, please log in. Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password Thank You… . . . for your interest and curiosity to explore further this particular post on TSLL. Unfortunately, you do not have access to view this page. One of two things has occurred: You are either a TSLL […]

313: The Importance of Finding Meaning in Life: 9 Lessons taught by Viktor E. Frankl

“Man’s search for meaning is the primary motivation in his life and not a ‘secondary rationalization’ of instinctual drives. This meaning is unique and specific in that it must and can be fulfilled by him alone; only then does it achieve a significance which will satisfy his own will to meaning.” —Viktor E. Frankl First […]

Ted Lasso, tv series — Petit Plaisir, episode #313

Eight years ago, Jason Sudeikis starred in a lengthy ad on NBC Sports to promote a new addition to their television line-up. Starring in the role of an ignorant American football coach who was about to embark on a new venture as a British soccer (British football) coach, the hilarity of his unassuming honesty of […]

This & That: October 1, 2021

A new French film, a new British film. Both worth watching! A new novel critics are praising, sales on clothes and décor, a cashmere cozy oversized sweater to love, more and more inspiration for gardeners, and still, there is more. Beauty —Nuxe Body Rêve de Thé Firming Body Cream I recently began using Nuxe’s body […]

Peach Tart (or pie) with a Twist

A peach tree stood in front of my future house, and the shocking revelation of a peach tree being capable of producing fruit in Bend, Oregon (zone 6A) grabbed my attention the moment I realized actual fruit hanging from the branches. Something was special about this place that would become Le Papillon. Yep, I have […]

312: The New Hello, my conversation with The Confidence Project founder Tracy Hooper

The workplace has shifted in a short amount of time, largely due to the pandemic, but also prompted by many other social and environmental awakenings. Communication, civil communication, remains at the epicenter of a civil society; however, currently, a significant learning curve has taken place, and we need to keep up in order to strengthen […]

This & That: September 17, 2021

Oodles of films, art and artist documentaries, documentaries to take you to France, a new film about books and writing, the return of Apple’s top drama series, AND the GBBO is back for new bakes in the tent, plus books on understanding the gift of simply eating well, a praised novel from 2020, a must-see […]

7 Décor Ideas to Add Signature Simply Luxurious Touches to Your Sanctuary, part deux

“I think sometimes people want to be so tasteful, that their rooms are instantly forgettable.” —Kit Kemp, British interior designer, episode #3 of The English Home podcast Let me begin by confessing I fell into the oft defaulted-to choice Kit Kemp describes above. In the house I owned prior to Le Papillon and lived in […]

Moules Provençal: A Simple, Flavor-filled Appetizer

Moules (mussels) are a favorite in my kitchen. Partially because cooking them is just so darn easy, but of course, they are absolutely delicious and feel decadent to enjoy as well (even though they are not – just a fantastic source of protein). Coming up with appetizers that catch the eye, satiate the palate of my […]

Season 4 of TSLK Cooking Show Begins Soon! Watch the Trailer Now.

The produce at the farmers markets is abundant, home gardens are reaching their peak which makes time in the kitchen all the sweeter (or more savory ;)). All of this is to say, it’s time for a new season of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen cooking show. Season 4 premieres this coming Saturday (September 11th) exclusively […]

311: How Accepting Your Mortality Sets You Free to Live More Deeply

“The world is already broken. And what’s true of the state of civilization is equally true of your life: it was always already the case that you would never experience a life of perfect accomplishment or security. And your four thousand weeks have always been running out. It’s a revelation, though: when you begin to […]

This & That: September 3, 2021

More fall capsule wardrobe finds, two films that come critically acclaimed being released today, a much-anticipated novel being released on Tuesday, a book to inspire and teach you how to create the change you seek, step into the kitchen with Kitchen Whisperers, a travel necessity for anyone who wears AirPods, and much more. Books —Beautiful […]

Season 8 Schedule of the Podcast Announced

In just one week’s time, a new season, Season 8, of The Simple Sophisticate podcast will begin. Already, my bookstand is full of titles that have piqued my interest to compile into podcast episodes to inspire, inform and motivate you to cultivate your own unique simply luxurious life. Below is a visual of the entire […]