6 Essentials to Create a Life of Fulfillment
Monday January 16, 2012

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What does an accomplished life look like to the outsider? Oodles of cash? Multiple homes? Being able to send each child to an esteemed college? Or is it something more intrinsic? Something less discernable by the naked eye?

As you might imagine, I would wholeheartedly defend the latter definition of an accomplished life. Unlike what much of the media, music videos, pop celebrities would have us believe, an accomplished life if one that is in step with the values each of us believe is most important, being able to successfully live up to our true potential which is different for every single individual and the ability to create a legacy that contributes to the world each of us will someday leave behind.

With that said, below are the six essentials for living a truly accomplished life:

1. Be Courageous

In life, to pursue the life you most desire, it will take courage, risk and strong belief that you are worth tackling the unknown. It is easy to stay on the path that others have followed, but when you listen to your heart, when you realize what it is that you want and what should be done, you must be courageous enough to take action even if the path won’t be easy.

2. Continually Seek Wisdom

Never stop learning.  Always choose to be a student in this classroom of life.  There are lessons each day just waiting to be absorbed.  Open yourself to the belief that whatever happens during your day is an opportunity to become a better version of yourself. And if you choose this philosophy, you will always be able to find energy to seek out a better life for yourself.

3. Be Nurturing

Show compassion – to children, to adults, to animals, to the community, to the world in general. Provide guidance whether it be with your words or by setting a positive example. Grow a garden. Plant a tree and watch it grow into its full maturity, so that you might sit beneath it protected by its shade on a hot summer day.

4. Give More Than You Take

Choose a life, choose a job path, choose a daily attitude that is contributing to the society, the community, and the relationships you are involved with in a positive way. Always be mindful of your attitude because giving doesn’t always have to involve material possessions, but also includes the energy we project out into the world.

5. Practice Integrity Even When No One is Around

Be honest. Pay your taxes. Be faithful. Uphold your promises. The life you desire to live will not be enhanced with the immoral shortcuts, but in fact will be complicated tremendously.  As Mark Twain reminds us, “It’s much easier to remember the truth, than a lie.” Make your life easier and enjoy much more peaceful nights sleep by simply acting with integrity.

6. Be Cognizant of History

In order to make decisions as you move toward your goals that you wish to enjoy in the future, you must be aware of the past.  Being informed, doing your research and overall, just being savvy and eliminating as much ignorance as possible, will always be a favorable decision when it comes to living your most accomplished life.

This week, take some time and sit down to evaluate if your life does indeed incorporate these six essentials.  The good news is, true accomplishment doesn’t arrive in our lives when we bring home the award or when the outside world recognizes our success, but instead when we have been honest with ourselves, when we’ve dug into and given it our best and lived up to what we know is possible (and often we surpass this, which is a wonderful surprise). Have confidence in yourself that living a life of true accomplishment will soon be your new reality, if it isn’t already.

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