Playlist for TSLL’s 3rd Book
Tuesday February 1, 2022

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The Road to Le Papillon: Daily Meditations on True Contentment, TSLL’s 3rd book, contains more than 70 hand-selected songs, compositions, and concertos from primarily the classical and jazz genres, but a few additional loved favorites as well.

I have compiled the same playlist on three different platforms as you will see below (Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music). Most of the songs, if not all are included in each, but some platforms, Amazon Prime was the trickiest, did not have all of the songs available. There were only two compositions that I could not find on any of the music streaming services, so I want to mention and link them here so you can enjoy them. I hand-selected each version and performance, and placed them in chronological order as they appear in the book beginning with January’s selections and concluding with December’s selections. Some of the classical compositions reference a specific movement in the composition; others do not. For the latter, in some cases I have included all three or four movements, for others, I have only included the movement that I think you will most enjoy with the particular entry it paired with in the book.

Also, an update to the book was made on March 7th to include an additional selection of music to replace a repeated composition. On August 8th you will now see Puccini’s Nessus Dorma! from Turandot—Act 3. I have included this track in all three playlists below in the proper order. Luciano Pavarotti performs.

Click on the playlist link for the platform you prefer. Thank you for your interest in the book, and I do hope you enjoy.

Two selections not able to be found on either playlist, but included here for your enjoyment:

Apple Music


Amazon Music

(click link to be redirected to the playlist)

Learn more about the book The Road to Le Papillon: Daily Meditations on True Contentment here

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