24 Petit Plaisirs to Enjoy at Home, Part Quatre
Tuesday April 7, 2020

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Daffodils continue to be the petit plaisir du jour tous les jours as of late as the picture captured above shares my own daffodils coming into full bloom. The joy they bring and the delight to watch them emerge from the warming soil with such great strength to share their beauty is awe-inspiring and something I am taking to heart during our current times.

The little things right now need for us to find and savor them more than ever to uplift our spirits, keep us present, away from worry and provide us a breath of beauty.

In the fourth and final part of the Petit Plaisirs series, you will find some wonderful French films, documentaries for gardeners and travelers and food-lovers, a French series that I absolutely devoured in 2018 (it has three seasons and is on Netflix), a hilarious British series, books as well as simple, scrumptious recipes and much more. Now to the list!

Well, that wraps up our four-part series of Favorite Petit Plaisirs from The Simple Sophisticate podcast. Hopefully you found a handful or more amongst the 100 Petit Plaisirs that have been hand-selected and personally enjoyed by myself over the past six years.

A new episode of the podcast will return on Monday May 18th when TSLL’s 2nd Annual British Weeks begins. With each podcast episode, a new petit plaisir is shared at the end of each show. I look forward to bringing you even more ideas to make the everyday all the more enjoyable in the months and years to come.

Check out the entire four-part series, as each post is shared below, and subscribe to the podcast wherever you enjoy staying caught up on your favorite programs.

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2 thoughts on “24 Petit Plaisirs to Enjoy at Home, Part Quatre

  1. What a pleasant afternoon I’ve had! Baked a pain de mie loaf and listened to TSSL playlists. Great compilation! Thanks!

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