23 Petit Plaisirs for You to Enjoy, Part Deux
Monday March 23, 2020

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With the arrival of spring this weekend and the first few days of the new season offering upper 50 and sometimes 60 degree weather (Fahrenheit), I found myself spending time on the porch in my yard enjoying the sunset, listening to the birds gaggle about, watching Norman rest and sometimes writing in my journal or reading a book. During the mornings, I have been paying even more attention to the routines I have created and enjoying the light that fills the house as I rarely have the opportunity to be in my house during the spring at these hours. The above picture captures my fascination with the simple Avocado Toast I enjoy in the morning, the light that naturally kissed the kitchen just made me smile. Simple pleasures, some that can only be enjoyed at certain times of year, are priceless additions to our days, and need not be expensive or complex.

Last week I shared the first in the four-part series of rounding up favorite Petit Plaisirs from the podcast, and today, this week, I would like to share 23 more Petit Plaisirs, small pleasures, that you may enjoy in the coming days as we spend more time at home. From books to recipes to more books and a few films and two television series, this list is certain to encourage a smile and lift your spirits as well as satiate your predilection for delicious, yet simple food. I do hope you enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “23 Petit Plaisirs for You to Enjoy, Part Deux

  1. Thank you Shannon. We have in the UK tonight been advised by our Prime Minister that we are, as anticipated, under lockdown, as are the rest of Europe. Whilst this is frightening and unreal in our lifetimes, if we all play our part and keep ourselves and one another safe, we will come through this threat. My hope is that, when this is over, we remember the community support we have received and, more importantly, how we are, ultimately, dependent upon one another. With love to all, Sue, England.

    1. Thank you for sharing Sue and for sharing your sentiment of confidence in the efforts of the community at large. Yes, we will get through this and by heeding these directives, we will get through it far better for everyone’s sake.

    2. Hello Sue ,
      Just caught up with your post …….hope you will see this reply .
      Stay safe and well , hope that you will be able to enjoy your garden………how are the hostas ? ??
      God Bless

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