2014 Top Petit Plaisirs
Friday December 26, 2014

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A simply luxurious life is a life regularly sprinkled and enhanced with simple pleasures, a la petit plaisirs. These need not be expensive treats or luxuries, but inexpensive, thoughtful gestures that cultivate a quality way of living. Whether such an experience be found with a new book that captivates our attention, a scrumptious recipe that is satiating and scrumptious or a film that opens our eyes, simple pleasures are a mandatory requirement of simply luxurious living.
At the beginning of 2014, a new regular feature began on TSLL – the weekly Petit Plaisir. And while it initially was posted on the weekends, as a reminder of simple ways to bring pleasure into our everyday lives, it now appears at the end of each podcast of The Simple Sophisticate which airs Monday mornings.
A Petit Plaisir could be a recommended film, book, play or delectable recipe I am eager to share, but at the heart of each is their simplicity and approachability. Have a look below at a handful of favorites (click on the image or the link to be taken directly to the full post), and explore all of the Petit Plaisirs from 2014 here.

 Blueberry Scones

Shrimp & Mustard-Lime Dipping Sauce 

Classic Gruyère & Spinach Quiche

Mousse au Chocolat from Buvette by Jody Williams

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