15 Things That Made Me Smile This Month, So Far . . .

Nov 27, 2019

November can often be zipped through quickly in anticipation of December or lamented because it is not October, but I have come to take great comfort in the eleventh month of the year. As shared in a podcast episode earlier this month, November for me has become a cozying-in month. A time to settle into the home as more time is spent inside, as well as planning for the holidays, wrapping up and celebrating the year that is nearing an end and becoming inspired for a fresh new year to begin.

In today’s monthly posting of things that made me smile, you will find random moments, discoveries and everyday details that delighted me for no other reasons than I am deeply appreciative of their occurrence in my life. Perhaps that is fitting as we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, and a holiday that reveres gratitude is a holiday I am thankful to have as a part of our culture.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to work in a favorite chocolate shop, Arrowhead Chocolates – as seen above, and as it has been some time since I have been able to do so, I savored the buzz of the shop, the welcome by the staff and the time to just type away without thinking about the time on a clock. So maybe, there are actually 16 items on my list today. 🙂

Wishing you a lovely rest of your November and thank you for stopping by.

1. Meeting my new neighbors in positive exchanges as we go about our days, take walks and begin to decorate for the holidays.

2. Finding great support, comfort (and even a hug) from colleagues during tough and unexpected life events. I am equally thankful for all of the support given and expressed by you, TSLL readers during a difficult time for my family. Thank you tremendously.

3. Late afternoon walks that drift into evenings that turn into dusk with the boys along the river.

4. Spending an entire work day (a Monday) in TSLL Office and having the chance to chat with this talented mystery writer who calls Provence home.

5. The first fresh holiday wreath to be hung on the door of my new home arrived!

6. Unexpectedly connecting with a writer who lives in Paris that I greatly admire. Currently diving into her new book, and am appreciative of her in-depth research.

7. Filling the house with scents of holiday spices

8. Discovering a new daily “Wake-Up” call email that keeps me informed but not overwhelmed.

9. Chatting with past students who are generous with their time to catch up.

10. Making the long drive to the country to spend the holidays with family and the welcome that awaits from not only Mother Nature being unsurpassed (see below) but my own mother and father’s welcome as well. Thankful for such warmth being expressed so openly.

11. Looking for an ivory turtleneck over-sized sweater and finding it! (and it was and is still on sale!)

12. (a shameless plug, but the relief I felt when I saw the notification TSLL 2nd audiobook finally became available was immense after nearly 18 months of trying to bring it to retail) Finally having the opportunity to bring TSLL’s 2nd book to the audiobook platform. Thank you to everyone who has already purchased the audio version and be sure to leave a review on Audible or wherever you enjoy the book as I will be selecting a handful of reviews to place permanently on book’s page here on the blog.

13. Fixing an indoor/outdoor weather thermometer without having to pay a penny (I simply needed the proper instructions – and the help center was wonderfully helpful and patient with me). What a luxury to know how cold it is outside before actually stepping into the cold (admittedly, it use it for determining what to wear, but also, in the warmer months, when to bring my plants inside or cover them if a frost may occur).

14. A few of my ponderings that would have been included in this post were shared in a burst of excitement this past Saturday – be sure to check out An Inspired Start to Saturday (or any day), 14 Ponderings.

15. And most importantly, Norman’s surgery went well, and he will make a full recovery. You may have noticed I did not post my regular Tuesday Style Inspiration post until well after its typical publication time yesterday. My mind was a bit consumed making sure that he was tended to and ready for surgery. It was not an emergency, but it was also not elective. We had a benign lump removed from his body, and in the good hands of a vet who Norman had previous seen earlier in his life for attention to a hernia, the entire lump was removed, teeth were cleaned and heart checked. It is my hope and also with great confidence that the surgery added years to his life, and now I am breathing much better after a month of anticipation. A ginormous smile indeed is still to be seen.

I hope your November and the remaining few days of this special and unique month are most memorable and delicious. Stop by at the end of next month to see what brought a smile during December. Happy holidays tout le monde and bonne journée.


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4 thoughts on “15 Things That Made Me Smile This Month, So Far . . .

  1. So glad that all went well for Norman , Shannon , you must feel as though an enormous load has been taken off your mind .
    It’s good that you now have some ‘ downtime ‘ together to be able to relax , and watch his post op progress .
    Extra cuddles all round ?
    Thank you for continuing to post , especially during such an anxious time, and after the loss of your dear family friend .
    You really are a ?
    Happy Thanksgiving !
    Anne x

  2. Just reading the link you gave for Elaine Sciolino ‘s book about the Seine , it sounds fascinating.
    I’m not sure if I have recommended this book already , but if not, I think you will enjoy it ……it sounds as though one of the interviews of Elaine’s book was with a bookseller on the Seine .
    The a Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George .
    ( I think it has the same title in the USA , but I’m not completely sure )

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