13 Things That Made Me Smile This Month, So Far . . .

Dec 11, 2018

I hope your holiday season is going well so far. 

While on the outside my season wouldn’t appear to be too grand, I must say, it has probably been one of the most enjoyable so far. Why, you might ask?

Truthfully, it is the simple, everyday things (surprise, surprise!) that are making this holiday season special. From the arrival of snow on the first day of the month, feeling more cozy at home with a few decor touches to my many windows, and being able to stay in town on the weekends to savor the time of year that often slips by too fast. 

I haven’t shared this monthly post since October, so I thought, what better time to get back into this habit of reflecting on the many awesome moments that make us smile during our everydays than in December as 2018 nears its conclusion?

So let’s get to the list of moments that made me smile!

1.Scouting, finding and bringing home my first cut-in-the-forest Christmas tree (as an adult, something I used to do each year with my family as a kid)!

(there’s Mr. Oscar – and yes, my topper is crooked – my imperfect, perfect tree!)

2. Getting out into the snow and cross country skiing for the first time of the season, complete with an exquisite skyline to end the day

3. Receiving an awesome review for my new book Living The Simply Luxuriosu Life from a woman I admire – the talented cookbook author who calls Normandy, France, home – Susan Hermann Loomis

4. Having the opportunity to finally make Moules Mariniére

5. Reading Elle‘s profile article interviewing Jennifer Aniston

6. Observing a needed life lesson finally becoming habit and witnessing the ease and reduction of stress that follows

7. Watching a stage production, complete with a live orchestra, of White Christmas and having to remind myself that these awesome talented actors and musicians were high school students – truly an awesome performance

8. Going grocery shopping at 7 am on a Saturday morning because everything in the local grocer – Newport Market – was 20% off. 

9. Waking up on December 1st to a blanket of snow

10. Taking a thermos of homemade chocolat chaud along for the tree hunting excursion and sipping it upon chopping it down before returning to the car in celebration. (Recipe? 1 2/3 cup whole milk, 1/3 cup heavy cream, a smidge of top quality cocoa powder, 3 ounces of the best dark chocolate, and a smidge of sugar.)

11. Waking up to awesome news on a Monday.

12. Discovering that cannele molds make great sipping chocolate cups when out in the woods so as not to break, but still add a touch of luxury (yep, luxury can be found even when out in the snow!).

13. Mrs. Maisel is Back! (and episode #2 in Season #2 is awesome! Fellow Francophiles, I think you will especially appreciate this one).

Now it’s your turn. Perhaps just make your own list in your journal or on your phone, but either way, taking that moment every once and a while to consider all that makes you smile, might just make you smile even more. 

Happy holidays!

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6 thoughts on “13 Things That Made Me Smile This Month, So Far . . .

  1. Yes, Mrs. Maisel was fabulous! The market scene in the French episode is Place Dauphine! It looked so familar to me because I stay in an apartment overlooking the “park.” A big smile when I recognized it.
    Lovely series.

  2. After just relocating to the Boston area, I am hoping to take advantage of the cold weather and go cross country skiing this winter. I know we will be able to rent skis/boots/poles, but I realised I don’t know what else we will need! Can you recommend a good resource or suggest what type of clothes are necessary? Are running leggings suitable or do you need ski pants? Special gloves etc? It sounds like great exercise but I just don’t know where to begin!

  3. Your blog and podcast are now a thing that makes me smile every week! I discovered you after your interview on The Daily Connoisseur, also one of my favorites. I am enjoying reading your archives!

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