Wrapped in Style

Dec 12, 2017

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The two reasons I gravitate toward wrap tops or dresses are the ability to size for my body and the v-neckline which elongates the body. However, as I was reminded while talking with a friend recently, when the shoulders are not made for women such as myself with broad shoulders, it does make it difficult to not have a diving v-neckline without the help of fasteners or layering.

With all of that said, when the right fit is found, a wrap top or dress will be a quick decision for me. Forgiving, flattering and functional in a variety of wardrobe scenarios – work or play.

Garner inspiration from a handful of images gathered for today’s Style Inspiration and then shop a few tops, blouses, sweaters and dresses below.


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5 thoughts on “Wrapped in Style

  1. I, too, love the way a wrap dress gives me a slender, long line. What I don’t love is the way they usually cut a little too low in the front. I once had a vintage DVF wrap dress that I had to surreptitiously pin with a little safety pin in order to keep my bra from being on display. A little hint of lace is sexy. Being able to see the whole bra, however, is a bit much. Eventually, I consigned the dress because I just didn’t wear it very much because of this.

  2. @Mimi Gregor — I had the very same experience. Having to use a safety pin on my silk dress was less than ideal. I’ve tried adding a lace camisole, but it looked meh… (and I still needed to use a safety pin to keep it from gaping open)

  3. I’m also on the wrap dress bandwagon. I have a couple of bralettes that are pretty and work well underneath when I’m worried about too much cleavage. Also, while these dresses are great, I REALLY want those light blue boots in the second image. They are divine!

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