Wing-Back Chairs – A Classic to Embrace

May 07, 2020

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Whether set in a pair in a traditional decor arrangement by the crackling fireplace or a solo singular signature chair near the kitchen to welcome a conversation while the cook prepares the meal for the household, wing-back chairs are a classic that has been returned to decade after decade in one form or another for a clear reason: they marry both function and style.

Each of the rooms (above and below) were designed by British interior designer Gavin Houghton who has also demonstrated his expertise in layering with prints and wallpapers (check out his personal narrated post of his own home in south London) to create a regal, sophisticated, yet cozy and welcoming space.

A hug of sorts is given to the person who takes a seat in a wing-back chair, a sense of privacy given in the form of imaginary boundary lines drawn, a place to take a breath and just find a moment or two of solitude.

I have been drawn to this style of English chair design unconsciously for many years and more recently discovered my sincere interest and intrigue and have wholeheartedly embraced it. So much so, I hope to welcome a pair of my own into my home once our current situation has passed as I adore relaxing near a fireplace, placing my feet on a hassock and losing track of time, maybe even closing my eyes.

The wing-back chair was first designed and introduced in England during the 1600s and became popular during the 1720s. Initially, the wings themselves were not part of the upholstered chair but rather exposed wood as the legs still are. The reason being the wings were designed to protect the person in the chair from drafts and keep the warmth of the fireplace surrounding the body enjoying the chair’s seat. Function and style.

The idea of any design having both a purpose to bring comfort as well as beauty is evidence that when making a purchase of furniture, should both items – function and beauty – be addressed, you may just have a timeless piece of furniture to enjoy in your home for decades to come, maybe even a lifetime.

3 thoughts on “Wing-Back Chairs – A Classic to Embrace

  1. So true. Great craftsmanship. Sitting in one by a cosy fireside is pure bliss. Especially after a Sunday lunch! I have one with a not too dissimilar fabric. We were given it as a wedding present by my in laws. They had a pair. I regard it as symbolic linking the two families. It’s so treasured and has become a family heirloom now. One of our sons has an eye on it?

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