Wicker & Summer Outdoor Living

Jul 25, 2018

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Outdoor living spaces, especially during summer when the daylight hours are long, offer a unique room of sanctuary to rest while soaking in the warmth of the outdoors, all with the comforts of home – a hot cup of coffee or tea, perhaps something to read, and the kitchen nearby to prepare a feast or a nibble to savor as your gaze wanders across the view. And we must not forget the comfortable seating.

There are two details that need to be in place for me to linger longer than expected outside – a moderate temperature (either naturally or brought about with shade from an umbrella or pergola with cascading vines to limit the direct sunlight) and seating that is so delicious it beckons me to stay a little bit longer.

Metal, wire and/or mesh chairs work well with a bit of padded seating, and wooden chairs and benches and swings do as well; however, lately, my interest has been captured by wicker.

Durable enough to withstand an unexpected storm cloud burst, as well as offering an elegant, yet rustic aesthetic often harkening to English outdoor gardens, my eyes are now looking for a pair of wicker armchairs and ottoman to create a small sitting area on my back porch. Perhaps where aperitifs may be enjoyed or leisurely late morning conversations with croissants within arms reach, such an outdoor setting reminds me of some lovely moments shared during my travels in the French countryside.

I did a bit of shopping around online as you will see below, and while the prices can be steep, there are bargains to be had on Craig’s List, flea markets and garage sales, just as long as you know what you are looking for. If the chair comes with a cushion, but it isn’t the color you desired, don’t be discouraged. You can always either re-cover it or find a different cushion with the color/design you desire. But if the chair’s design is something you are smitten with, welcome the chair home with you when you budget allows – and don’t be afraid to haggle.

Keep in mind that some wicker is made for outdoor use, but not all. Wicker is in reference to the weave of the material, and rattan material is often what outdoor wicker furniture is made of. While it can stay outdoors year-round, be sure to clean it regularly – dusting, wiping clean, etc. – and do bring inside when the temperatures drop significantly (winter for example). Covering them is not a bad idea if the rain will be significant, but rain in short bouts will not harm the wicker. Read more here about how to best care for outdoor wicker furniture.




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2 thoughts on “Wicker & Summer Outdoor Living

  1. Sonds lovely.I love wicker and it adds another dimension to already existing garden furniture. The ottoman is a great idea. It can be used for storing the cushions and other bits if it has a lid. That’s the beauty if travelling as on return lovely ideas like this can be a lasting souvenir. Look forward to seeing it posted. Have fun?

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