Why Not . . . Wear Denim with these 12 Key Pieces?

May 03, 2017

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Recently in Porter magazine‘s Summer 2017 issue, Sandra Choi,  Jimmy Choo’s creative director, shared her affection for denim. Owning a variety of different pant shapes, styles and lengths and pairing it with seemingly endless coordinates for play or for work, I couldn’t help but be reminded that sure enough, denim, worn as pants, could possibly serve all of our needs offering a variety of outfits for nearly all of life’s events. It helps that denim comes in black as well, but in all seriousness, knowing the key pieces to have in your closet in order to coordinate with your favorite pairs of denim is not a bad idea.

Today, discover the 12 key pieces that always work exceptionally well with a pair of perfectly fitting jeans. 

1. Signature Blouse


2. Cotton Tee


3. A Blazer


4. Blue Cotton or Linen Button-Up Shirt


5. The Classic White Button-Up Shirt


6. Classic Trench Coat


7. Pumps


8. The Denim Shirt


9. A Tweed Jacket


10. Silk Blouse

11. Leather Jacket

12. A Denim Jumpsuit – Nothing Else


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6 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Wear Denim with these 12 Key Pieces?

  1. all lovely; and yet I thought the world was touting leggings in all places. My mistake then.

  2. Happy to see an example of how versatile and appropriate denim is for many style situations! I love it and am sure I always will! Thanks for the style suggestions!

  3. I just love all your posts, Shannon!
    You are so passionate about most of the same things I am, I really appreciate the time and consideration you put into your blog, it is a gift to read and experience!
    Thank you!


  4. Had to click on #8….was simply intrigued by this lady. Led me to the blog “Advanced Style”…..ladies and gents of “a certain age” looking AMAZING! as always….THANK YOU for the inspiration!

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