Style Inspiration: White, Jumpsuits & Denim

Aug 04, 2015

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Simple style means simple living so that the most important priorities can receive our full attention. I must say, I know that not everyone loves or can wear jumpsuits, but I am a fan. Partly, okay, primarily because they make the decision process minimal and are absolutely beyond comfortable. In today’s Style Inspiration, you will see a handful, and as you will notice, there are many different styles available. And of course, you cannot go wrong with denim, navy and white. Enjoy!

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~White, Blue & Denim

~Stripes & Denim

~Denim, Khaki & White

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4 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: White, Jumpsuits & Denim

  1. I find jumpsuits to be one of the more impractical creations that designers have come up with. When one has to use the bathroom, one must basically get undressed each time. If you have a small bladder, like I do, this can be a major pain. And especially annoying if one is waiting to use a public restroom and the woman in front of you is wearing one. It takes most women long enough to use the facilities without further making a production number out of it.

  2. I agree, you just can’t go wrong with denim, navy and white! I love the selection you shared here. The jumpsuits are gorgeous! I am a fan of practically anything white! If you will see my home, you’ll see white almost everywhere especially in my bedroom. White is just so comforting and I love the idea that it is the perfect piece to match anything!

  3. I love that you threw a guy into the mix. Not that I want to see one every week, but as the person who buys all my husbands clothes, I appreciated seeing this.

  4. I love jumpsuits – I just have yet to find one that works for me! I’m short, and the waist just never hits at the right spot for me. I’ve been sort of faking it with monochrome top/pants combinations. And I love that you included a man in the mix! I’m endlessly inspired by menswear, they tend to be so much more in tune with classics and quality overall. Despite the limit of styles/individual clothing pieces, they are endlessly creative with color, texture, and layering. I love looking through photos from mens fashion weeks and Pitti Uomo in Italy. I’m a big fan of women in menswear-inspired outfits, just enought to not lose your femininity.

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