White Serene Leisure

Jul 06, 2017

When I first stumbled upon today’s Decor Inspiration home, it was the kitchen that caught  my attention: initially the patina copper teapot but then, yes, the La Canache range. Deciding to tour further, I found a wonderland of white, and for me personally, I would be in seventh heaven. I know not everyone can have or wants white, but it is the calming aesthetic that always brings me back to calm, grounding me of sorts. It is as if it is saying, slow down, deep breath, savor all that is going well no matter what the day revealed. Below are a few of my favorite details: from the entire kitchen, the chaise lounge in the living room, the floor coverings and the soaking tub just to hint at a few.  I encourage you to tour the entire home with oodles of pics captured by the interior designer based in Lafayette, California, Amber Interiors.

To learn about Amber Lewis and how her interior design career came into what it is today is to follow a woman who listens to what she loves and shares it with the world. The rest, is history. See more of her design projects here.

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