White, Blue & Stripes

Aug 09, 2016

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Stunning stripes, a crisp blue button up blouse layered underneath a tailored blazer, a simple white shirt dress. Such simplicity, such sophistication, and what an easy decision to make. Simply luxurious indeed.








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8 thoughts on “White, Blue & Stripes

  1. You kind of have to be Blair Eadie to pull off that one-shoulder chemise. She looks great, but on most people it would just be ridiculous/trying too hard.
    The billowing white dress is gorgeous and totally my taste, but I would opt for something I wouldn’t trip on or step on. Just a bit shorter. Less dramatic, but I don’t need the kind of drama that comes from falling on my face. I have a very long duster that I bought on one of my first trips to Paris eons ago. It still looks fabulous. But when it billows out like that, well, I’ve caught a heel in the hem more than once. Now I wear it with flats only.

  2. Shannon, I’m constantly amazed on your style photos at how chic a pair of jeans, t shirt and espadrilles can look. Glad to see she’s wearing Levi’s, as I love them too, so classic and a great fit. You make dressing a joy, thank you! I lucked out and got a few fabulous travel dresses from BCBG, 70% off. They are polyester, wrinkle free and are easy to wash and breathe in the tropics.

  3. Shannon, I love that white dress – so elegant. I think it must be most people’s dream to look that good.

  4. How do I buy the shirt dress? Or how do I get it,was looking for one just like this. BEAUTIFUL maxi dress. l need a size 16 and about 58 inching long.

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