Welcome the Wisteria

Mar 14, 2019

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There is something truly dreamy about wisteria when it blooms. The long, free flowing purple and violet conifer-shaped blooms, draping about above one’s head to lull you into a trance and unescapeable love for the outdoors.

While I have never grown wisteria, I look forward to doing it when I finally own a home again. Wisteria loves the sun and well-draining soil which is something Bend is rich with, so long as it is watered well. And while it will take patience for it to grow up and over a pergola or arbor, they are fairly easy to care for.

I can think of nothing more quintessential when it comes to climbing flowers for a cottage than wisteria. Having seen and savored Sharon Santoni’s French Country home in Normandy adorned exquisitely with it, gawked at the beauty of the wisteria in Monty Don’s Italian Gardens, I am sold. Wind the wisteria about the sanctuary and welcome me home!

A trusted gardener I look to here in the states is Paul Allen Smith, and in the video below, you will find him share the “how-to”s when it comes to growing, training and caring for wisteria. Have a look below if you too are interested in welcoming wisteria into your upcoming summer months.

Image: Mario Connio’s Traditional Spanish Farmhouse as featured in House & Garden UK

4 thoughts on “Welcome the Wisteria

  1. I, too, love wisteria. But it’s pretty tenacious and strong once established. We bought a house with a wisteria vine along the privacy fence, and…. it tore the fence down completely. It was bad planning on the part of the previous owners. But I still love wisteria!

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