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Sep 16, 2018

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One of the delightful details of any morning in which I need not be out the door at a early prescribed time is even if my body clock still wakes me up at five, I linger. 

And in my lingering this morning and most mornings such as I enjoyed today, I journal, I dream, I listen to more classical music and I scroll through the latest runway collections being revealed in London as well as learn about a cooking tools sale not to miss. 

Morning Mood by Edvard Grieg from his Peer Gynt, Op 23

If you listen closely, you’ll notice that the zenith or climax of the song appears in the early part of the piece signalling the sun breaking through to start the day. I thought what better way to start the day and have been playing it all morning (and have added it to TSLL’s Classic Music playlist on Spotify.  I have listed it first here as perhaps you might want to listen as you read this post (click here to listen as you read). I have a feeling you have heard it before, and if you’re like me, will be reminded of why it always catches your ear.

Reflection in photos from the past week
The fall produce has arrived at the local farmers market.
What arrived home with me after the market visit and what was waiting in my mailbox – Victoria! (as shared on my Instagram page).
The boys joined me for a mid-week walk under the gorgeous September blue sky.
Sur la Table Sale, 20% nearly everything

Yesterday I was playing in the kitchen, on a recipe that turned out far better on the first go-round than I expected. And one kitchen tool I realized I needed was a large ice cream scoop in an effort to keep the muffic sizes uniform. Upon looking to see what I could find, I discovered that not only did Sur la Table have a large (3.25 ounce) scoop, it was also on sale!

Use promo code APPLE18 to save 20% off full priced items through Tuesday September 18th. I have selected a few items you might be interested in, but of course, you will want to peruse the entire site. Click here to begin window shopping.

London Runway Collections – Spring 2019

New York wrapped up its fashion week a few days ago (see all of my selections here), and now the fashion crowd moves to London. Often London’s offerings are more eclectic, and while tried and true brands such as Burberry, Roland Mouret and Temperley London keep at least one foot in classic inspiration with each collection, many others offer creations that dazzle, confuse or provoke wonder. For all of these reasons, it is why I enjoy checking them out each season.

This year, the collections are more classic inspired (so far), but every collection is offering something to surprise. From nautical knots in more than three collections, pleats in abundance, and sequins too – the contemporary, unique touches are present, but the lengths are longer, the dresses more flattering and less flesh, and as Victoria Beckham shared in her 10th anniversary collection (she normally shares in New York, but returned for London to commemorate her design house’s milestone), a touch of lace and a new design on simple halter neckline can quietly make a signature statement of femininity. Have a look below at a few picks from all of the collections that caught my eye so far, and view all of my selections on Pinterest as I continually add to them throughout the week. 

~Victoria Beckham, spring 2019~
~(1) Temperly London (2) Roland Mouret (3) Ports 1961~
~(1) Temperly London, (2) Marchesa, (3) Markus Lupfer~
The 2018 Emmy Awards

~Tomorrow (Monday, the 17th), NBC will host the 70th annual Primetime Emmy Awards. The show will be produced by Saturday Night Live’s Lorne Michaels with hosts from SNL’s Weekend Update Colin Jost and Michael Che. For many reasons I will be watching, and one of course will be the pre-show styles, but also just to be reminded of programs to put on my “might watch list” this fall as the presenters are usually individuals from new or returning shows. As well, the comedy could be quite interesting with this talented pair of gentleman. 

~Hurricane Florence – How You Can Help

I am keeping all of those affected by Hurricane Florence (some of which are TSLL readers who have emailed or reached out to me) in my thoughts and heart. Here is a detailed article from The New York Times about how you can help no matter where you might call home. 

Well, that about wraps up my musings for the weekend. I am leisurely stepping into my Sunday, the sun is streaming through the pine and maple trees in my yard (the maple is in my neighbor’s, but it offers its limbs onto my property :)), “Morning Mood” is playing about the house and the boys are still snoozing.  If you haven’t already checked out the latest episode of The Simply Luxuriosu Kitchen that went live yesterday, be sure to have a look, and until tomorrow when a new podcast episode will air, have a beautiful Sunday.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Musings . . .

  1. I love your classical playlist, Thank you. Today I made your delightful rhubarb tart, but I used blueberries, since I am allergic to strawberries. I want to purchase a tart pan with the removable bottom for my next venture— julia’s Pear Tart.

    1. Great substitution idea! Rhubarb and blueberries are wonderful together. And yes, her pear tart is perfect for the season. Sounds like you enjoy and know your way around the kitchen. ? Thank you for tuning in.

  2. The Lodge cookware is fabulous! It absolutely lasts forever and can become quite non-stick over time if properly taken care of. I had a pizza stone, but it got stained and eventually broke. I purchased a Lodge round griddle as a replacement and have been VERY happy with the result. Now I don’t have to worry about a stone breaking and the bottom crust of the pizza is now always nicely browned and crisp. After cleaning, I just spread a bit of olive oil (not extra-virgin) over the surface, then keep the griddle stored on the bottom rack of the oven. Every time I heat up the oven, my griddle gets a bit more non-stick. By the way, the cheapest place I found to purchase it was at Wal-Mart. It was about a third of the list price. Now I want to get a tiny Lodge pan so I can make one egg omelettes…

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