Under the Weather

Jun 23, 2014

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My apologies for not posting this past weekend’s Petit Plaisir or today’s Monday’s Motivation. The last few days I have been stuck in bed with a lingering fever, and I can’t seem to shake it. Rest assured, I’ll be back as soon as I am able. In the meantime, be sure to enter a fantastic giveaway sponsored by Misoui leather goods here.



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21 thoughts on “Under the Weather

  1. Sorry to hear you are unwell Shannon. You are such a consistent blogger, I can just imagine your frustration. Take the time to get properly well, we have acres of archives to enjoy again. Please imagine that a vase of virtual roses from my garden is arriving with this note.

  2. So sorry you aren’t feeling well! Take your time and take care of yourself. I hope you are up and feeling wonderful very soon.

  3. Even this considerate mini post made me smile, wishing you a fast recovery and take as much time as you need, and thank you for a luxurious read to look forward to at the end of so many work days xx

  4. Alas, the plight of a teacher! As soon as vacation hits, the body succumbs! I know it too we’ll. Take a well-deserved rest. We look forward to your next posts!

  5. Get well soon, Shannon. At least you are on holiday. Most teachers still drag themselves into school when they’re ill and feel guilty if they stay at home.,

  6. Your blog is just a breath of fresh air.. A true especial place to go to when life knocks you down from time to time! Hope you get well soon!!

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