Why Not . . . Wear a Trench Coat?

Apr 09, 2014

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It is that time of year, when the wool coats can be put away and the spring trench coats can be worn with abandon. Grab your umbrella, step out into the rain and rest assured that you look chic and are weather-proof as well. From the iconic Audrey Hepburn donning  her classic trench with ballet flats and capris to the sleuthing detective wearing a long khaki trench, such a style continues to remain en vogue.

A khaki trench coat is an indispensable item in every woman’s wardrobe, as it seems to be a bit of a chameleon, fitting in wherever it is needed as it is available in an infinite number of styles, lengths and colors. As April is upon us, and spring sales begin to pop up, I thought I’d share a few of the benefits of this favorite staple of mine – the trench coat.

1. A Chic Uniform

Rachel Zoe first mentioned the idea of a uniform outfit in her first book and again mentioned this valuable go-to clothing trick in her recent lifestyle book Living in Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour. The concept being that every woman should have a uniform that consists of a few dependable items that always complement each other when worn together and provide the wearer with confidence and assurance that she can go almost anywhere looking stylish and suitable for most occasions.

For example, my uniform for errands, casual business and day time outings consists of dark denim straight-leg ankle jeans, a silk blouse or nautical top, a khaki trench and ballet flats with the simple accessory of my tote and scarf. While I may have a couple of each of these items to mix and match, knowing that they are at the ready makes the decision of what to wear quick and easy.

The addition of the trench simply finishes the look. Whether wearing it to and from or keeping it on indoors to thwart the air conditioning, the cinched waist gives the appropriate structure similar to that of a blazer or jacket and the khaki works well with almost anything I wish to wear.


2. Versatile

Whether you are wearing jeans or dresses, a trench coat can easily be your outwear of choice. Many of my styling clients and friends ask if they can wear a trench that is shorter than their dress or skirt, and the answer is a simple – absolutely! So long as the color is complementary that is peaking out, you are perfectly fine.


3. Endless Options

Depending on your skin tone, lifestyle, height and signature style, there are endless options when it comes to finding the ideal trench coat for your capsule wardrobe. A shorter trench for a more casual look, longer for a classic touch or formal outings, and the colors and prints available make shopping a hoot of a good time. A fan of the classic neutrals, navy, khaki and black top my list, but a beautiful burst of color such s yellow, red or green would be a great choice to wear with quality neutrals.


4. Neutral

The gift of a khaki coat is that it can be work with black or brown tones, color or prints and always look sophisticated and purposeful.


With temperatures hitting the seventies for the first time this season and spring rains dancing in and out of the forecast, having a reliable coat the ready is key and knowing that you can grab one that will take you from play to work without missing a beat, is a simple luxury indeed.


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8 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Wear a Trench Coat?

  1. Last winter I picked up a crimson trench coat that is brilliant for wet days when I’m wearing my predominantly black and grey working wardrobe. The colour gives me a boost on a grey day along with the wearability and practicality of the trench coat.

  2. Trench coats are a necessity here in WA state. Mine is black and has a hood:) I need to invest in a camel, beige colored one.. and I’m loving these for inspiration. Hope you are having a nice week! xxleslie

  3. What did Michael Kors say “Put on a trench,you’re suddenly Audrey Hepburn walking along the Seine-even if you’ve got red hair and you’re five-one”. I always have my Brooks Brothers trench,pop the collar, add a silk scarf and off you go.

  4. I know that trenches are classic pieces, but I love them most when they have, or are worn with, a little something unusual.
    For instance, I’ve just posted about a gorgeous bright red trench – right here http://www.manigazer.com/home/red -.

    As you are stating in this post, the trench sure is versatile, but I just feel like many people just wear it in the same, “non risky” way. That’s too bad !

Thank you for the inspo. Have an amazing day !


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