Why Not . . . Wear Ankle Length Pants?

Aug 13, 2014

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TSLL is long overdue for a style post, and after watching the film Diana last weekend, with Naomi Watts in her pant of choice – slender ankle length – I was hooked. Worn with flats, kitten heels or sky-high numbers, these pants or jeans are something to consider adding to your wardrobe – fall or spring. Find out why below:


1. Nearly Universally Flattering


Regardless of height, the determining factor when choosing any item of clothing is proportion. After scouring my many fashion resources, the only person that is advised not to wear ankle length jeans is one who’s legs are short in proportion to their body. And since most women’s bodies are shorter than their legs, well – now you know why these are a great pant for just about any body type.

2. Slimming


Keeping in mind that ankle length pants are not the same thing as capris or cropped. Ankle length means to hit at the ankle – which continues to elongate the body rather than cut it into pieces.  And the best fit is a slim fit, not a pair of loose boyfriend jeans. Now for some this may mean super skinny jeans, but for others, it may mean straight leg jeans. Just make sure the jeans create your body’s natural silhouette and don’t hang loose. Another style rule to keep in mind, don’t wear skinny jeans with a tight top – create a balance. If your jeans are slim, wear a beautiful silk blouse that is somewhat loose and not clingy. Notice in all of the images in today’s post, each woman adheres to this rule.

3. A Wide Array of Options


From dark denim jeans, white jeans in summer or wool in winter, cotton or any combination with a little stretch, ankle length jeans come in a variety of fabrics, colors and prints. When in doubt, choose a darker color to create a slender silhouette.

4. Wear Anywhere


Cropped jeans could be worn on the weekends with ballet flats while touring your favorite boutiques – so very French, no? Or, create a contemporary suit for the office with black ankle length dress pants, a beautiful silk camisole and matching blazer. Add a pair of 2-3 inch heels, and you look slender and confident. Needless to say, this is a length that can go from one season to the next; it simply depends upon the separates you pair with it.

With more stylish images for inspiration below, I’ve also gone shopping for you and selected a few pairs of pants/jeans from dependable labels that will leave you stylish and chic at a variety of price points. The pair I have my eye on is from MiH, the Ellsworth which comes in a variety of colors; just be sure to order one size larger than your true size if you choose this brand.

Since last season ankle length pants have be a popular choice by designers, but I see no reason why we can’t continue them for years to come. Simply find a pair that flatters your figure, own your curves and wear with pointed toe or any slimming footwear (no platforms).  Happy shopping!









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13 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Wear Ankle Length Pants?

  1. Love the look. But I wonder how to transition it into fall/winter. It gets too cold to have bare feet in shoes and I don’t always want to wear boots. Can they be worn with tights or thin socks?

    1. Hi Lorrie…I have this same challenge. I haven’t found anything that “always” works, but have found that thin socks/tights can work. I try different things (even flesh tone thin trouser socks) depending on the shoe/bootie. It seems best if you make the socks intentionally part of your style/outfit rather than trying to make it look like you don’t have socks on. I find it really transitions the ankle pant into something intentionally stylish for a whole different look/season…as in now looks great with an aran sweater and knit scarf, rather than slightly off.

  2. Of course, I have investigated myself, but I can’t find any examples that look as charming as the ankle-length trousers do with sandals and pumps. As autumn approaches, I had been focusing on this matter and wondering what kind of shoe to purchase in terms of style but also color. For example, should the color match that of the trousers? Should any or no ankle show with the booties?

    Thank you very much for this–and all–your posts which are always inspiring.

    1. Cynthia great questions! In order to elongate, choose a boogie of a similar color or hue. In winter black jeans or pants look wonder wih black booties. Ankle pants if their skinny, are ideal for transitioning into a boot (tucked inside). Heel, wedge or no heel is fine. Just remember the goal is to create a clean line.

    1. Absolutely! After all, your style is your signature style. In fact, there are many sneakers en vogue right now. I would wear them without socks, but again, if you have some fun socks, you can always make a fun statement about your style with what you choose. 🙂

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