Thoughts from the Editor: Vanessa Seward & Taking A Deep Breath

Oct 08, 2015

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Coined the Neo-Casual Parisienne in a recent Wall Street Journal article, French designer Vanessa Seward’s first namesake collection is available to complete your fall capsule wardrobe with stunning chic style now. Preferring the high-low pairings of silk blouses and denim, she is speaking my language and upon further investigation, I am officially hooked.

vanessaseward4 ~Vanessa Seward (center) and her Fall 2015 collection~

vanessaseward ~Vanessa Seward’s Spring 2016 collection~

Her previous experience isn’t so shabby either, with fashion accessories designer for Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent (during the Tom Ford era), her most recent collection just walked down the catwalk earlier this week. View her Spring 2016 collection here. While her items are pricey, they are nowhere near Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel item prices; considered accessible luxury, whichever item you choose, it will be timeless and work for many seasons to come. Below are a few items that caught my eye.


With each year that my style evolves, I find myself gravitating more toward classic, versatile, chic, casual clothing. In other words, items that can be dressed up or down for work and then move seamlessly into play. And with a few signature silk blouses as well as complimentary figure slimming denim to work with, it’s hard to go wrong no matter what I choose. So, without question, Vanessa Seward’s clothing is on my watch list.

On an entirely different note, but perhaps not really, I am also trying to simplify my daily routine. With any life change, tension and stress can build, but with my decision to move to Bend, it was an effort to find a place where all of my passions, career-pursuits and interests were at my fingertips.

Gradually, I have found that my life is becoming simpler, my days even more lovely and full of time to truly just luxuriate in the life that is slowly, but steadily coming together. No longer do I have to drive 40 miles once or twice a week for necessary and not-so necessary appointments and pleasures. No longer do I have to work two jobs each day as I am able to compartmentalize much easier with fewer miles on the road.  And now that my favorite bakeries, bookshops, grocery stores, walking trails and theaters are right at my fingertips, I have endless inspiration always at the ready to draw upon for the blog and everyday enjoyment.

But the most interesting discovery is that now that I have found where I want to settle, I don’t seek out unnecessary pleasures, thereby reducing my need to spend money on things that once filled the void I was trying to fix. The community that I have been longing for, the lifestyle I have always enjoyed and craved has finally materialized and those unnecessary accessories that brought bursts of happiness, but not true sustained joy are no longer needed.

Such a realization seemed surreal at first, but the quality we search for is possible, and in my case I did have to uproot and replant. So far the transplanting is going well.

Again, the idea of a quality life rings true as worth the pursuit. Please know, I’m still ironing out a few details and reminding myself to relax more, breath more, do less so that what I need and want to do, I can do well, as it has become a habit over this past two to four years to think I didn’t have time (because I truly didn’t) to accomplish all that I desired. But now that I do have the time, I am recalibrating, and it feels mighty amazing.

Here’s to the journey and trusting that our intuition, our true selves knows the way if only we can just trust it.

Below are a few images to serve as a reminder to take a few moments each day to just breathe, unwind, relax and appreciate all that is already going well because I have no doubt that so much is running quite smoothly.



windyroad  palaisvoges ~Place des Vosges in the Marais in Paris~

lenemours~dining and sipping outside at Cafe Le Nemours at the entrance of  Palais-Royale~



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5 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Editor: Vanessa Seward & Taking A Deep Breath

  1. Thoughts from one of The Editor’s readers …

    Dear Editor,
    As a regular reader I am delighted to hear that you are getting into the Bend groove and that so many of your needs and pleasures are being met. I know all too well — after twenty five years of commuting — how much not driving contributes time to the day and peace to the mind!

    And, on a fashion note, Vanessa Seward sounds wonderful! Silk and denim is my language.

    One Reader

  2. Thank you for the wonderful pictures that remind us of how beautiful our country is, and how inspiring it is to travel and see how others live.

    I was especially struck by the paragraph that said when you found the place you wanted to settle, you no longer seek out unnecessary pleasures. That was such an impactful statement that I read it twice. To what degree to unnecessary pleasures not only fill a void in our lives, but tax our budget, adding more layers of stress?

    Thanks for providing inspiration and food for thought!

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