The Unexpected Finishing Touch

Mar 07, 2017

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Timeless style is often donned by individuals who know when and how to incorporate the unexpected. Perhaps it is the ripped boot-cut jeans paired with heels as seen above, or a knotted casual tee worn with a feminine pencil skirt. The desired finished look materializes when the woman or man knows exactly what just barely dances outside of the lines, while still gaining the appreciation and admiration due to adhering to proportions, complementary colors and balance of textures, etc.

While understanding the principles takes time, all of us can acquire such knowledge. A simply by seeing these skills in action in images seen in Style Inspiration posts, are eye becomes more aware and in tune with how to make it work.



One thought on “The Unexpected Finishing Touch

  1. I think that this is one of the most important elements of chic; the combining of upscale and cheap… casual and dressy… different patterns or textures. I have been practicing this for decades, and it never fails to garner me compliments on being well-dressed, even though they probably haven’t figured out exactly what makes that so. Never be afraid to experiment!

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