Understated Sophistication

Apr 20, 2017

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San Francisco’s Cottages & Garden‘s April issue offers a tour inside a Hillsbourgh California estate that offers luxury without the opulence. San Francisco interior designer Katie Raffetto styled the 1930s English Tudor home and remodeled key components to heighten the sophistication and specialized in unique personalized customization. A upscale, but still rustic chicken coup? Yep, that is included as well. From the spacious glass rain head shower surrounded by seashell tiled walls Utilizing the rich climate to subtle, yet statement leather chairs in a sun drenched dining room (above), the home has become a space to live as well as entertain.

Enjoy the tour below and learn more about all of the design details here.


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2 thoughts on “Understated Sophistication

  1. I like the garden the best with those pink hydrangeas or such; and when out walking as I walk by a neighbors yard with chicken coop, I shall wonder if their interior is as depicted here or not. Thank you for sharing.

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