Two + One: The Perfect Reading Nook Combination

Oct 10, 2019

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“There is no reason not to live comfortably and with elegance.” —interior designer Timothy Corrigan in his book The New Elegance: Stylish, Comfortable Rooms for Today (September 2019)

Later this month I will dive even more fully into Timothy Corrigan’s new book, The New Elegance, as much of his decor ethos align with simply luxurious living. However, in the meantime, I could not get the above image out of my mind.

Mind you, the upholstery is not to my taste, but rather it was the idea of pairing two matching oversized armchairs with one singular ottoman in a library.

My first observation was, why hadn’t I thought of this? and the second question was, why not?

Understandably, two armchairs are more expensive than one, so saving up would take time, but with the intention of creating a cozy reading nook in the house, such a space could also work for a cozy nook to either converse with a special someone or read in silence together.

I am nearly 99% convinced this decor idea will find its way into my home, as the second chair would be a welcoming place to cozy up for either a human I love dearly or my sweet boys, but knowing I have a chair all of my own with an ottoman for my legs to stretch out upon would be a happy peace of mind to come home to each night and wake up to each morning.

Below I have gathered together images that incorporate singular ideas that when brought together would make for the most delightful reading nook: from a wall of books, a beautiful view out upon Mother Nature, pups to snuggle with and many more lovely details. Perhaps you too will find something to inspire you.

8 thoughts on “Two + One: The Perfect Reading Nook Combination

  1. Oh YES the cozy reading nook–or library, we can dream!
    Of your gathered images, my vote is #2, #5, and bien sur, #6. And I will definitely be checking out Timothy Corrigan’s book!

  2. Yes! I love the shape of these chairs as well. Deep and cozy. I have a Pinterest page of libraries saving up for the day I can build mine. It may just resemble Anne Bogels!

  3. Good morning Shannon. Beautiful images, couldn’t choose between them. Since being a child reading has been a comfort to me. I recently tried to impose an Amazon ban upon myself, failed miserably! Thank you so much for the recommendations in your posts which have introduced me to so many new authors and areas of interest to explore via TSLL. Currently re-reading your own books to reinforce where I’m going with my life. Very best wishes from England, Sue

  4. When we moved into our dream home (after 9 years of saving and planning) our overriding goal was luxurious comfort (after living so long in cramped city apartments) – we have a big cozy leather sofa and big mooshy chairs, mohair throws and Mission style decor. My design style is “elegant country lodge” so I love the chair pattern in the first picture. It helps that we live in a cozy place – the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where we get 300 inches of snow per year!

    1. Amy, Thank you so much for sharing! Let your story be an inspiration to others that luxurious comfort is worth the wait. 🙂 And with such full winters, such cozy chairs are a ne easily indeed! Thank you again for your comment. ?

  5. I have two small sofas arranged on either side of a big ottoman in my studio and it’s such a versatile setting – highly recommend! Love the arm chair look. If I had a second room to play with, that would definitely feature!

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