Tuscan Heritage Hand-Me-Down

Mar 30, 2017

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The opportunity to renovate and preserve a piece of familial memories located in the Tuscan countryside while a grand undertaking was a beautiful opportunity to bring siblings together on a project that held priceless value. Carlo Pallavicino inherited the house from his mother who inherited from her parents. Named the Villa Tavernaccia, with the help of his art historian, turned interior designer sister Ilaria Miani, the estate is now home to Carlo and his wife and their children, now grown. Furnished with antiques passed down from their grandparents, the home shares its history and the garden and acreage as well is abundant offering much sustenance and beauty. With 700 olive plants that produce quality olive oil, the garden as well offers enough produce to eliminate the need to go to the market. Carlo’s mother Valentina overseas the garden and the English roses, and is currently creating a line of soaps to be called, what else, Tavernaccia.

Learn even more about this stunning Tuscan estate here in the April 2017 issue of Elle Decor.


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4 thoughts on “Tuscan Heritage Hand-Me-Down

  1. All things in Italy move slowly, and it makes me wonder just how long the renovation of the grandparents’ family home took. The finished product is beautiful, but I bet those ‘kids’ have stories to tell about it!
    My dad’s family home where he grew up, pretty much in shambles now, is located in a hill town north of Genoa. My mom’s parents came from a hill town a couple of ‘hills’ over. My hubby and I have been to Italy twice, once on a tour and once on our own traveling thru Tuscany. People say that you either love Italy or hate it…we LOVE it!

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