Turtleneck Season

Nov 05, 2019

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A simple choice, a solid color, but a sophisticated, subtle choice. That would be the turtleneck.

Turtlenecks, whether they are loose and oversized worn over a slip dress or jeans, or a slim fit to layer underneath a trench as seen above to accentuate a chic silhouette enabling the wearer to shine rather than the clothes themselves, are timeless. And quite comfortable if the chosen fabric is quality.

Today I have gathered a handful of Style Inspiration images to offer ideas for how to wear one in your capsule wardrobe. As you will notice, they are primarily solids, but as well in varying degrees of tailored and fit to the body to created complementary proportions and balance. Find the proper proportion that works with its partnering piece and enjoy not only looking wonderfully chic, but also being warm and comfortable. (click on any of the images to be redirected to the original source)

4 thoughts on “Turtleneck Season

  1. Lovely compilation! I have dozens of turtlenecks and turtleneck sweaters – this is what happens when you grow up an old-school preppy from the 1980s and never get out of the habit of wearing them. This season leopard print turtlenecks are popular – I’ve been enjoying mine!

  2. I love turtlenecks, but they no longer love me. When I was younger, I had a more swanlike neck and flat chest, and they suited me. Now that I am older, My neck has what I guess is called a wattle? Anyway, the skin has sagged a bit from the chin down and turtlenecks only accentuate that. I find that I look better in V-necks (especially since I am no longer flat chested), and I add a wool-blend scarf for warmth.

    1. Mimi, I appreciate your comment. Knowing our bodies as we grow and change is how our style evolves and continues to flatter each one of us. When we are aware of what complements us, our comfort and confident soars. V-necks are a very flattering neckline to elongate the neck and the addition of a favorite warm scarf provides the stylish coverage that a turtleneck would. Thank you very much for your comment. ?

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